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Vape Coil Gunking: What Causes It and How to Get Rid of It

Vape Coil Gunking: What Causes It and How to Get Rid of It

Vape Coil Gunking: What Causes It and How to Get Rid of It

A problem that many people encounter when vaping is that of grimy coils. Also known as coil gunk, this is best described as an issue wherein a dark, gooey substance builds up around a vape device’s coils and inside the wick.

The reason coil gunk is a problem is that it’s often a hassle to clean. Worse, it negatively affects the vaping experience, usually resulting in less flavour and vapour. It can even damage the coils permanently if it isn’t addressed quickly enough.

That being said, coil gunk is easily avoidable, and in this article, we’ll show you how. We’ll also talk about how you can get rid of it if it does become an issue. But first, let’s go over what causes the problem in the first place:

What are the causes of coil gunk?


Coil gunk is caused by a variety of different factors, but most of them are related to the type of e-juice you use.

E-juices with a lot of sweeteners make your device more prone to coil gunk because they do not vaporise as easily and typically leave residue behind. Essentially, the sugary components caramelise when exposed to heat, making them stick to the coils. 

Dark-coloured e-liquids and those with high VG content can also promote coil gunk because they both leave some residue behind.

However, the settings of your device as well and your vaping habits can also lead to coil gunk. For example, vapes set to high power for chain-vaping are more likely to develop grimy coils.


How can I avoid coil gunk?


There are different ways you can reduce or avoid coil gunking, some of which may or may not appeal to you.


If you have been using a lot of sweet flavours for your e-juice, switch them out for ones with less sweeteners or none at all. If this isn’t possible and you love sweet e-liquids, you can opt for e-juice that is not as dark or has less VG.

Otherwise, turning the power on your vape device down and reducing the amount you vape at a given time can also help minimise coil gunking.


How do I clean coil gunk?


There are a few things you can do to address coil gunking.


If you have the money and don’t mind replacing your vape, switching to rebuildable atomisers is an excellent way to deal with coil gunk. All you have to do is remove the wick, dry-burn the coil, and clean it up with a Q-tip to enjoy a gunk-free coil.

If you’re using a premade atomiser, you can disassemble the tank and leave the atomiser head in warm water or alcohol for around half an hour. Once that’s done, rinse it with water and dry it before use.

Another thing you can do is to replace the wick itself with a new material that is more gunk-resistant. For instance, rather than opting for cotton, which is susceptible to gunking, choose materials such as silica or ceramic.




While coil gunk is an annoying issue, it is easily dealt with. Keep in mind the solutions provided above, and remember that you have several options to avoid the problem. That way, you can continue to enjoy vaping gunk-free!


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