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3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Carry Your Vape Safely On-the-Go - Our Guide

3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Carry Your Vape Safely On-the-Go - Our Guide

3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Carry Your Vape Safely On-the-Go - Our Guide

Many vapers enjoy sitting in the comforts of their homes, vaping away their favourite juices. To some, however, that isn't enough. They want to take it around wherever they go, vaping along. It makes sense then if you're going to bring your vape that you will carry it around on you, whether in your pocket or bag. However, if you aren't an experienced on-the-go vaper, you might have some questions in your mind. "What happens if my vape leaks?" "What should I do if my vape mod breaks?" Fortunately for you, many other vapers have experienced it, and have taught others how to carry their vapes around to avoid running into such a problem.


With that said, here are three easy ways you can carry your vapes safely while on-the-go:


1. Jacket Pocket

If you're living in a colder climate, one of the coolest (no pun intended) and most popular ways to carry your vape mod is to put it inside your jacket. Whether you're wearing a sweater, a zip-up jacket, or a blazer, sticking your hands into your coat and whipping out a vape mod feels cool, as if you're James Bond reaching in for a gun. 


2. Back Pocket

Carrying vape devices in the back pockets of jeans and pants is also a common thing to do. And for most vapers, the idea of not having to carry around a bag dedicated to carrying the vape mod sounds fantastic. 

Of course, you might be worried about placing your vape mod in tight pockets and accidentally pressing the buttons, or breaking the vape itself when you sit down. Just be sure that the pocket isn't too tight, and that there isn't a risk that you will accidentally sit on the vape itself. Once you've figured out all the bits and bobs of carrying your vape in your back pocket, you can enjoy a fuss-free vaping experience without worrying about lugging a dedicated pouch around.


3. Neck Pouches

Some still prefer to carry a dedicated bag for their vape mods. And for them, their go-to bag is neck pouches, either general use ones, or ones dedicated for vapes. Some even walk the extra mile and knit their neck pouches. Now that's some real love for their hobby! 

Of all the reasons you should be using a neck pouch, the best is it that you can decorate them. Show to others how cool you look while vaping, and place your expensive vape mod inside, safe and secure from the outside world. Of course, if you aren't crafty yourself, you can easily buy pouches designed for vapes from stores online.


From the three suggestions we've given you, you now have a good idea of what others are doing that you can do as well. Of course, don't limit yourself to the three, but experiment! That way, you can figure out which style works best for you and makes you look fantastic. Enjoy walking outside and taking a hit of your favourite juices, knowing that your vape is safely tucked away in your pocket.

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