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3 Ingenious Ways to Dock Your Vapes at Home- What to Know

3 Ingenious Ways to Dock Your Vapes at Home- What to Know

3 Ingenious Ways to Dock Your Vapes at Home- What to Know

Getting yourself into vapes is already a cool thing. It makes your day brighter because it allows you to smoke without getting the adverse effects caused by regular cigarette smoking. Even so, it’s so inconvenient sometimes because you have to put your vape down. And when you do, you always put it at risk of breaking.


Do you want to know the cool ways to dock your vape while you’re at home?


Vapes are supposed to be carried around. However, we tend to put it down and in most precarious places. This happens when we vape inside the house. Sometimes we knock it over. Sometimes it’s in a high position but only a few inches from the edge. Sometimes it splatters in a simmering sauce. It’s also highly inconvenient when you have to bring it inside the bathroom because you continuously have to find a way to keep your hands dry and to keep the vape from falling.


It’s not cool to have a broken vape. So, where do you put it? Here are the five different ingenious ways to dock a vape:


1. Get a suction cup bath caddy.

This is for heavy vapers who love to vape in the shower. Keeping it dry is an immense challenge. 

To help you keep vaping inside the bathroom, buy a shower wall caddy, and stick it exactly where you want to vape. You may also dock the caddy at the back of the tub so it won’t get wet from the shower. For bathing, move the caddy down at arm’s reach so you can quickly grab it when you feel like it. 

Don’t forget to keep a wash towel close by so you can quickly dry your hands before you reach for your mod box or vape pen.

2. Install a spice rack above the stove.

This is perfect for those who love to vape and cook meat at the same time. If you can’t help but vape while stirring the sauce and waiting for the meat to cook, you should install a spice rack above the stove. This is the perfect location because it’s easy to see and easy to reach. Gone are the days when you have to put your vape down on the counter or the sink while cooking. You no longer have to worry about it getting oily or being knocked over or breaking.

3. Get a pencil cup.

Pencil holders are great solutions to your vape dock problems. It prevents the vape from getting elbowed or bumped while you’re working on your office desk at home. A simple pencil cup will keep your vape from falling on the floor. 

It’s not just for the pencil vape. A sizeable pencil cup can hold a mod box just as well. In fact, many office organizers in the market today can function as vape dockers. You just need to find the right one that will fit the interior designing so the missus will not flip.


Every problem has a solution, and we are glad to find three of the best and ingenious vaping dock solutions for you.

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