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3 Tips to Make Sure Your E-Liquids Last

3 Tips to Make Sure Your E-Liquids Last

3 Tips to Make Sure Your E-Liquids Last

People who enjoy a good vape each day are often tempted to store a large number of bottles of their go-to flavours. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that your liquid can last for quite a while even at room temperature. Why, then, would you need to take special care for these bottles to last a long time? Keep reading to learn more.

Careful care is the only way to ensure your e-liquids last as long as possible. When left sealed and kept in the correct environment, the bottles will only last two to five years. Of course, that hasn't stopped anyone from stocking up on vape juices.


If you want to stock up on e-liquids, here are three tips you can follow to maximize your bottle's lifespan, keeping it fresh until you’re ready to indulge:


Use One Bottle at a Time

The first thing anyone should learn about vape juice is that they should only have one bottle opened at a time. The rest should be kept sealed and stored. It is tempting to open up a few and share them around so that you can rotate flavours, but you're only wasting your liquids. An open bottle will have a considerably shorter shelf life than an unopened one. Therefore, keep your backups sealed and put them away. This way, your liquids will always taste fresh when you crack open a brand new one.


Keep Them in a Cool Place

Just like how fruits can last longer in the fridge than on the counter, your liquids are the same. E-liquids benefit from being stored in a dark, cool, and stable environment. Heat and light can cause particles in the vape juice to react together and decay, so if you want the maximum possible shelf life for your e-juices, put them in the fridge.


If there isn't enough space in your fridge or someone in the house isn't too fond of you vaping, there are certainly other methods to keep your e-liquids safe and sound. Generally, you don't want the juice to get warmer than room temperature, so make sure they're away from direct light or other heat sources. Place your liquids in your drawer, box, or any other place where light and heat cannot reach.


Store them in the Dark

It seems that we've kept talking about preventing light from reaching your liquids, haven't we? Well, that's because light is one of the worst enemies an e-liquid will face. Light carries heat, and these two will cause your vape juice to decay and deteriorate. If you find your liquid to be darker and thicker than usual, light has already begun its work. 

A smart way to prevent light from entering the bottle is to store the juices in dark bottles. These types of containers, traditionally used for medicine, come in brown, blue, or sometimes black, and for the same purpose, to keep the medication in good condition. They'll do the same for your e-liquids.


Have a bunch of unused bottles lying around? Perhaps it’s time to find a place for them. You'll thank us later when you break open a new bottle after a few weeks (perhaps even months) and marvel at how cool and fresh it is. 

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