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Important Factors to Know about Vape Ambassadorship - What to Know

Important Factors to Know about Vape Ambassadorship - What to Know

Important Factors to Know about Vape Ambassadorship - What to Know

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for people who have been wanting to quit tobacco cigarette smoking. Aside from leaving the tobacco behind, there are fun and cool reasons that people resort to vaping, such as enjoying the flavours and boosting their social image.

If you love vaping and can share the fun of it in a friendly way to anyone you encounter, you can be a vape ambassador. As a vape ambassador, you get to share the benefits of vaping and perhaps subtly influence other people into trying it out.

Vape ambassadors are naturally friendly, outgoing, and people persons. They are the type of person who can share a french fry easily, strike a conversation effortlessly, and share his vaping experience openly. Basically, vape ambassadorship is anchored in two things: sharing the fun facts about vaping and talking about the personal vaping experience.

Top Reasons for Vaping among Ambassadors

As a vape ambassador, you have various reasons for being in love with vaping. Maybe you tried it out first to escape nicotine addiction, and vaping has been making a huge difference in your life since then. So now, you want to share the experience with other people who might be struggling to quit smoking. You feel that if they try vaping, they can improve their life without tobacco.

For you, it is also exciting to discover and try new flavours. You want to share that pleasure with people around you. You also consider vaping as something cool, and blowing clouds can make people feel better.

Vape ambassadors want others to know how it feels to vape. Vaping tastes good, relieves sinuses, and eases a nicotine craving. 

How Vape Ambassadors Share the Experience

There are various ways for vape ambassadors to share their passion for vaping. Some start with passing puffs from their personal vape. When you encounter someone who’s been trying to quit tobacco smoking, someone who’s been craving for a sweet flavour, or someone who seems to need something to lift his mood, you can pass your own vape and let them try.

If you are doing this to people who are really close to you, like your best friend or your sibling, sharing your personal vape is a good start. However, if you wish to continue with vape ambassadorship, it’s time to venture into other tactics.

For one, you should have an extra vape rig or two at all times. These extras are meant for sharing, especially when you’re attending a party or likely to meet a bunch of people. Load up a delicious e-liquid flavour because your test drive vapes can be an instant party possession to pass around.

There are also disposable vape pens you can bring with you. They are great for handing out to a crowd of eager first-timers at a party. Load each pen with different flavours, and you can surely make various people happy.

For some, vape ambassadorship is not intentional; it just happens accidentally. But whether it’s a mission or not for you, considering the things discussed above can help you stay motivated in sharing the vaping experience to more people.

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