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Factors to Determine the Safety of Your E-Liquid

Factors to Determine the Safety of Your E-Liquid

Factors to Determine the Safety of Your E-Liquid

For many people in the vape community, e-liquid has become a household item. With the same importance as laundry detergent, milk, and soap, e-liquid has become a staple good in the eyes of every vaper. However, the truth about e-liquid is that it can prove to be quite confusing at times in terms of its classification. 

The safety of e-liquid usage

This depends on what type of vaper you are and the expiration date of your e-liquid. If you’re a fast vaper, you may not worry much about the expiration dates because you might finish them early. On the other hand, if you’re a slow vaper, make sure always to check the expiration days to ensure that it is safe for use. When it comes to longer use periods, it’s important to understand that the age of a bottle of e-liquid definitely matters because it can definitely go off, leading to a lower quality of puffs and flavour. 

While there are many questions that concern e-liquids and vaping as a whole, many wonder how to know if a bottle of vape juice or e-liquid is still safe to vape. Keep on reading to know how to determine when an e-liquid or bottle of vape juice is or isn’t safe to use: 

Expired vs. Stale E-liquids

One of the most important factors to consider when determining the safety of an e-liquid is to check its expiration date or shelf life. Often, expiration dates are stated on the label of a bottle of e-liquid and vape juice, which often varies according to the shelf life of its VG and PG contents. When an e-liquid or bottle of vape juice is past its expiration date, it is not safe for you to use.

On the other hand, an e-liquid can become stale when lesser decay takes place, which means that the suspended flavours in an unused bottle of juice degrade or come unmixed. You can still safely vape stale e-liquid without compromising your safety, but expect harsher flavours and lower nicotine content. Also, every flavour of e-liquid or vape juice also comes with its own care directions and freshness durations, both of which differ depending on the flavours and compounds used, and the manufacturer’s process. 

Additional factors

Other than stale and expired liquids, you should also consider these factors when determining whether or not to vape a bottle of e-liquid or juice:

Time spent in a tank: Many e-liquids or vape juices are left within a tank, disregarded, and then found again after some time. Often, well-screwed tanks can hold the liquid in for a significant amount of time, but once the liquid-filled tank has been left out for quite some time, it’s best to throw out the liquid and replace the coils.

Nicotine and air exposure: If the liquid has been opened and exposed to air for some time, it will lead to a reduction in potency and flavour quality. However, similar to stale liquids, e-liquids exposed to air for some time can still be smoked but expect a lacklustre in flavour and devoid of a “nicotine high” moment. 

These are several factors to consider when using vape juices or e-liquids that have been kept in less-than-optimal conditions. The best habit to maintain a satisfactory vaping experience is in the proper care of your vape juices or e-liquids. While a “bad” juice can still be smoked, it’s better to go with a bottle of juice that has well-preserved flavours and high nicotine content. 

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