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5 Tips for Bringing Vape to Non-Vapers Party

5 Tips for Bringing Vape to Non-Vapers Party

5 Tips for Bringing Vape to Non-Vapers Party

If you are a vaper and you are going to a non-vapers’ party, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your vape. You may have to play it cool, but you can also entice other partygoers to take a look at your vaping lifestyle. Regardless, there is a certain etiquette when bringing your vape to a party hosted by a non-vaper. Here are some tips for you:

Prepare your vape tools

Prepare your vape materials for the party. Make sure that you have everything that you need and that they are all in excellent condition. Take your vape apart then put it together again to ensure that everything is tightened. It should be air-tight and leak-free so you can rest assured that all goes well when you show off your tricks.

Don’t forget to bring spare batteries and refill bottles. You don’t want to run out of these when you’re in the middle of having fun.

Decorate your vape for the party as well, if you like to “dress” it up on normal occasions. Pick your favourite skin and attach your favourite charm. Your vape can also be used to show your personality, and that’s cool. Also, prepare your vape holding solution. Are you putting it in a pouch, pocket, or bag?

Ask permission from your host

If you plan to bring your vape, it is best to ask permission from your host, especially when the guests are most likely non-vapers. When you vape nicotine, there are always courtesy rules when it comes to vaping at a party. So ask your host if you can vape inside given that vape smokes are generally harmless to furniture, walls, and other people. Expect, however, that you may be asked to limit your vaping outdoors, which is a reasonable request.

Don’t vape in someone’s face

Never ever blow off vape smoke on someone else’s face. It is rude to do so, although some of your closest friends wouldn’t mind when you do it playfully or intimately. But as a general rule, it is not okay to vape in someone’s face. Blow your smoke up and away from people around you.

Show off your tricks

Vapers are known to know a trick or two for blowing clouds. If you have been practising for hours, take the opportunity to show off your tricks at the party to anyone who might be interested. It’s a chance to turn your passion for vape into entertainment. 

Bring enough for the crowd

Bring enough vape tools for the crowd because you’ll never know when your vaping skills will become a hit. Let the curious folks try it out and have fun.

Vaping is a hot trend among young people, and partygoers are likely to bring one with them. Even when you have been invited to a non-vapers’ party, you can still count on having a nice vaping experience. You just have to be prepared and take your chance, and you’ll never know when the crowd will be so interested and entertained with your vaping skills and tricks.

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