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3 Ways to Fix Vaper's Tongue For a More Flavourful Experience

3 Ways to Fix Vaper's Tongue For a More Flavourful Experience

3 Ways to Fix Vaper's Tongue For a More Flavourful Experience

Seasoned and veteran vapers alike surely have a massive e-juice collection. There are go-to classics to once-in-a-blue-moon specials, but indulging in the bright flavors of your favorite e-liquid can eventually lead to a sudden loss in flavor. Most of the time - it’s not the juice’s problem, but the inability to taste the nuances of your e-liquid is likely due to the infamous vaper’s tongue. 

What is Vaper’s Tongue? 

Known as the phenomenon dubbed as the “Olfactory Fatigue,” it’s a psychological condition wherein the brain starts to block some of the senses to keep it from overloading. This is particularly common when a specific stimulus is given repeatedly, such as vaping your go-to flavour. 

The consistency of your hits can eventually mute a once flavorful punch, which introduces your taste buds to bland hits in no time. While you can still feel the effects, especially in nicotine-heavy e-liquids, it doesn’t make for a great experience. 

Smoking cigarettes, flavour fatigue, or dry mouth are one of the common culprits behind vaper’s tongue, but you can easily regain your ability to taste with the following tips: 

Tip #1: Brush Your Tongue 

It’s easy to vape like a chimney when you’re in the middle of chasing massive clouds, hitting the juice frequently can leave a thick, sticky coating on your tongue. This residue can block your taste receptors and dampen the flavour of your e-liquid, but you can clean off the thin film by brushing your tongue. 

This will keep your mouth clean and scrape off any unwanted layers that are keeping your tongue from tasting the full palette of your e-juice.

Tip #2: Switch Between Juices 

It’s easy to chain vape when you found your all-day-juice that you can hit anytime, but indulging in the same flavour can take a toll on your senses. If you want to maximize your enjoyment and avoid running into flavour fatigue, then switching flavours every now and then should do the trick. 

Tip #3: Take Frequent Breaks 

Even without the nicotine, vaping can be an addicting vice. While there’s no real harm in vaping like a train, too much hit can compromise your olfactory sense as it can grow tired of the same flavour over time. 

Taking frequent breaks is a simple way to freshen up your palette, or you can increase the nicotine content as it can satisfy your cravings longer. Either way, keeping away from your vape a few hours a day is enough to give your tongue a much-needed rest.

Once you go back, you can welcome a whole new world of flavours exploding in your mouth. 

The Bottom Line: Maximise the Flavor of Your E-Juice Without Vaper’s Tongue Diluting the Experience

Vaper’s tongue is not necessarily a health issue, but it can be a frustrating phenomenon for vapers who are looking to enjoy the full potential of their e-liquid collection. If you’re looking for a palette cleanser, the tips above should help freshen your taste buds and get you back on track. 

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