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4 Factors to Help You Decide on the Right Vape Coil

4 Factors to Help You Decide on the Right Vape Coil

4 Factors to Help You Decide on the Right Vape Coil

People who are accustomed to vaping and prefer to modify their setup slowly realise that their vape coils offer greater importance than they initially thought. A vape mod’s coil is located between your battery and e-liquid, and it is what provides heat for your device to turn the juice into vapour.


The kind of vape coil you choose can determine how well your e-liquid will last. Due to the array of coil choices you can find in the market right now, it could be hard for you to pick the best one for your needs. Fortunately, all you need to do is learn how to determine the right vape coil for you!


A vape coil can come in different sizes, resistance levels, and even the company they’re made from. Keep reading below to find out the factors necessary to help you decide the right coil for your vape setup. 


Consider the Size


A vape coil’s size, which is measured by their diameter, can influence how your vape works. These are commonly labelled as small, medium, or large, or a variation of such sizing options. The greater the wattage level of your device is, the lower the resistance level, resulting in a smaller vape coil.


Smaller vape coils offer more solid and well-defined flavours. Meanwhile, large vape coils can produce bigger clouds of smoke. With medium coils, you get an adequate balance of the two. That’s because a coil can affect the amount of e-liquid absorbed and the amount of air that can pass through the wick based on its size.


Assess the Resistance Level


Another essential element that can affect how you choose a vape coil is based on its resistance level, which you can gage in ohms. That’s because the output level of your vape mod is connected to the resistance level of its coil. 


It will help if you assess the output level of your vape before choosing a coil. If you end up installing a coil with an insufficient resistance level, it might not work with your device as much as you want it to. Before purchasing a coil, check the pack to see its output range and if it can match your vape mod.


Examine the Suitability


The coil you purchase should be compatible with your vape tank so you can expect it to work smoothly. With an array of vaping setups that are available right now, from classic sub-ohm kits and standard kits to pod systems and pens, each vaping device requires a different coil to function properly.


Fortunately, you won’t have a hard time deciding because vape coils made for different vape mods have unique builds; as such, you can quickly tell them apart! Also, the company where you choose to buy the coil can advise you regarding the right coil to complete your vape setup.


Review the Brand


The company supplying the vape coils should also be looked into to assure the quality of the product you’re planning to buy. It’s necessary to trust a reputable brand over those that offer cheap coils but can only last you a few sessions until they break down.


Besides that, it’s essential to consider purchasing a coil from the same store where you bought your vape tank for compatibility reasons. Since most vape shops can already offer a complete array for your vape setup, you can easily purchase a coil from them without worrying about the specs.




People dedicated to vaping have unlimited choices when it comes to picking the right coil for their vaping devices. It will all come down to determining the right size, resistance level, suitability, and brand that can provide you with the best vaping experience possible. With these in mind, you can have countless fulfilling sessions that are meant to last!


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