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5 Tips to Prevent Your E-Juice From Leaking

5 Tips to Prevent Your E-Juice From Leaking

5 Tips to Prevent Your E-Juice From Leaking

Those who vape regularly know that it takes much time, effort, and money to build a satisfactory e-juice collection. From classic fruity flavors and some borderline experimental, e-juice brings fun and dynamic experience to smoking. While most taste delicious to smoke, it’s a different story when your favorite e-juice spills straight from the tank.

Leaking is a common problem even with the most trusted and perennial favorite sub-ohm tanks due to either design oversights or common user errors. When leaking happens, e-juice escapes from your tank and drips through the airflow system. Spillages can range between a few drops to all the content emptied over your clothes, hands, and vape mod. 

Not to mention, it has always been a cause for popping and spitting from vapers. While it isn’t dangerous, it can hurt your pockets when you buy premium vaping liquids and seeing it go to waste upon spillage. For that reason, we’re here to identify the factors that contribute to leaking vape juice and ultimately put a lid on your tank with these preventive tips for your cloud chasing adventures.

1. You Didn’t Tighten Your Tank Enough

Sometimes leakage can be as simple as forgetting to tighten your tank enough to seal it completely. Develop a habit of checking for its security and make sure that your tank’s seal threads aren’t off it’s designated position. A small gap in your vape pen is more than enough to invite the juice to spill out.

2. Your Coils May Need to be Replaced

Another common reason why your vape juice is leaking may be due to damaged coils. Coils aren’t meant to last forever, so if you find yourself using the same coil for over an extended period, it’s best practice to regularly change it after several weeks to keep it from degrading and contributing to spillage. On the other hand, you may also be using the wrong type of coil for your specific device. This is because most brands have coils that are tailor-made for a certain type of vaporizer, so be sure to ask questions regarding the compatibility of your coil when buying a replacement.

3. You are Over Filling Your Tank

It’s tempting to overload your tank with your favorite e-juice; however, vape tanks typically have a maximum fill capacity. When you fill it to the brim, the chances of the juice over-flowing from the air holes are high. On that note, to maximize your experience and save you the trouble of cleaning off spilled juice, be sure to keep it at an optimum fill level. 

4. You are Holding Your Mod Horizontally

Vaporizer mods are meant to be held in a vertical position. While most brands have reliable top seals, smoking at a slanted angle can still cause the vape juice to rush to the air holes and make its way to your mouth.

5. Your O-Rings May be Damaged

O-rings are truly the unsung hero of tanks as it is a rubber material that effectively seals the vape juice from leaking over your mod. It should have a firm yet pliable feel to it when touched, and just like any rubber, it should be flexible enough to bend and snap back to its original shape. On that note, o-rings can be damaged if you tighten your vape pen too much, though some dry up and become brittle through time. To avoid this, be sure to check up on the quality and state of your o-rings every few weeks to spot any cracks or missing chunks.

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