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6 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Vaping Experience

6 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Vaping Experience

6 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. However, it requires maintenance. Regardless, it will still save you from a lifetime of painful suffering caused by carcinogens found in every cigarette stick that you used to chain smoke. So, a little maintenance for your vape kits here and there wouldn’t hurt.


If your vape suddenly tastes like it’s burnt, it only means you’re not vaping the right way. Vaping is supposed to help you relax as it curbs your desire to smoke nicotine. If it stresses you out, you’ll be tempted to go back to your old smoking habits. Even so, if you’re tasting burnt hits, don’t despair right away. There are things you need to do right to avoid burnt tastes.


1. Consider the weather

The cold weather can thicken the juice inside your device. If you’re vaping propylene glycol, it can thicken like a high vegetable glycerin juice, which is why you’re tasting burnt. 

If you’re vaping vegetable glycerin, the cold weather will make the juice even thicker. If the juice is thicker than the normal, it’s always going to taste like burnt hits. 

So to enjoy your vape, don’t do it in icy areas. If you’re in a place where it’s winter, try to vape indoors. 

2. Curb chain vaping

You may not notice, but your excessive vaping might not have been giving the coil enough time to wick up. You must remember that not all atomisers are designed to handle long and constant draws. This is the reason that you’re tasting burnt. 

Depending on the brand, some wicks require fewer breaks to function correctly again. If you can’t help your chain vaping habit, look for vapes that have faster wicking abilities. You can also look for a vape that has temperature control so that you can draw as quickly as you want without drying the wick.

3. Try different methods to wick

Some atomisers are difficult to wick by yourself. Some vapes leak with too much cotton; that’s why it burns too much. 

What you can do is to try different methods. You can experiment with adding more cotton or less cotton until you find the right setup that works for your device. You can ask for the advice of other vapers. Let them show you how it’s done.

4. Ensure proper priming

Maybe you were in a hurry when you installed the new coils. Perhaps you didn’t prime the coils with e-juice first. Once the tank is full, you must prime the coil for five minutes to half an hour before usage. This way, you can maximise your vape’s performance. If you prime your coils and wick properly, you will prevent them from burning. 

5. Clean or replace dirty coils

One of the reasons that you can taste burnt from your vape is overused or dirty coils. Coils have to be replaced every two weeks. If you’re a chain vaper, you must change it every week. 

You can wash the atomiser and take the gunk out. Keeping your vape kits clean will prevent the dry and burnt tasting hits. If the coils are already dark and charred even after cleaning, you must replace the coils before using it again.

6. Check for coil hotspots

Burnt hits are inevitable that you have to throw out your wick. Sometimes, however, your vape coil has a hotspot that will taste like metal. Hotspots are not always visible, which is why you won’t find it on your wick. But if you continue to taste burnt hits even when the hotspot is no longer there, you have to change your coil. 

When installing it, you must pinch the coils lightly or strum over them to make sure they’re not touching. But remember not to do this when the device is plugged or when the fire button is on. 

Burnt hits are caused by several factors that you can remedy. Just remember the tips above, and you can genuinely enjoy your vape. 

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