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A Beginner's Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping - What to Know

A Beginner's Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping - What to Know

A Beginner's Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping - What to Know

Sub-ohm vaping is a way of vaping that uses a device with low-resistance atomizer coils of less than one ohm. Many vapers enjoy sub-ohm vaping due to its massive production of vapour clouds and richer e-liquid taste.

Some people think that sub-ohm vaping is simple and easy to get into. However, it is actually a complex and controversial topic among the community of vapers. If you are curious or planning on trying sub-ohm vaping, here are some essential things that you need to know:

E-liquids and Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping has distinct differences from regular vaping in terms of the amount and type of e-liquid used. Since sub-ohm uses different coils, it requires a different amount of vape juice to use.

A few things you need to know about e-liquids in sub-ohm vaping include:

  • Sub-ohm vapers consume a greater amount of vape juice

  • Sub-ohm vapers practice what’s called a lung-hit technique

  • Sub-ohm vape juice produces more voluminous vapour clouds

  • Sub-ohm vape juice has a richer and more enhanced taste

  • Sub-ohm vapers prefer a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycol as this has reduced throat hit

  • Sub-ohm vape juice has a lower nicotine strength of about 6mg/L or less

Mechanical Mods

Sub-ohm vaping requires the use of mechanical mods. Mods are also vape devices, only that they are relatively larger than regular e-cigarettes. These devices are designed to add specific features for better and enhanced sub-ohm vaping experience. With that said, mods are important in sub-ohm, and so you should pay attention to them.

When looking for mods, you should consider several factors to ensure safety and maximum performance. According to vaping experts, an excellent mod should have:

  • Vents

  • Single-piece tube

  • Magnetic switch

  • Fixed-positioned contacts

To maintain excellent, safe, and long-lasting performance, you should regularly clean and maintain your mechanical mods. Make sure to clean the threads, contacts, switch, and vent holes gently but thoroughly.

However, if you notice poor performance from your mod, it may be better to get a replacement of a specific part or of the entire device. For instance, one obvious sign that you need to replace the spring, if you are using a spring-loaded switch, is when it feels softer to the touch. If ever you decide to replace it, it would be better for you you upgrade to magnets.


The batteries are one of the most crucial components of sub-ohm vaping. That is why you must know what type of battery to use and how you should maintain it. Most sub-ohm vapers have a particular choice of batteries. To ensure maximum safety, they ensure that their batteries are:

  • Authentic and from a reputable brand

  • Using unprotected IMR or hybrid lithium

  • With the highest possible continuous amperage limits

After knowing what type of batteries to use for sub-ohm vaping, you should then learn the basics of maintaining sub-ohm batteries for safety purposes, including:

  • To not expose batteries to extremely hot or cold water

  • Stop using batteries that have damaged wrappers or at least take them to a vape shop for repair

  • Stop using batteries that are dented in any way

  • Never exceed your battery’s amp limit


As a beginner to sub-ohm vaping or in vaping in general, there are several crucial things that you should know about. Learning these things not only allows you to enjoy a great sub-ohm vaping experience but also ensures your safety and health.

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