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A Guide To The Different Types of Vapers

A Guide To The Different Types of Vapers

A Guide To The Different Types of Vapers

Vaping has become popular over the past few years and from this popularity has developed a subculture of different styles and types of vaping. Some like to show off their skills while others prefer to explore the different flavours, here is a guide on the different types of vapers in the community.

1 - The Flavor Connoisseur

Also known as the flavour chasers, these vapers like to experiment with the hundreds of flavours available to try. Never having a favourite, they prefer to change their vaping e-liquid frequently. You will know a flavour chaser by how big their vaping e-liquid collection is. They are good friends to have as they can recommend to you new flavours to try out.

2 - The Cloud Creator

These vapers take pride in covering anyone they see in a cloak of vaping cloud. For them, bigger is better, they will inhale as much vape as they can to achieve these thick clouds. Cloud vaping has become such a huge trend that there are competitions held to see who can create the biggest plumes of smoke. These vapers are so dedicated to their art that they will purchase bespoke e-liquid and top quality e-cigarettes just to achieve these thick clouds.

3 - The Skillful Trickster

Falling in the same subculture of the cloud creators, these vaping tricksters have mastered the art of vaping to a fine precision. Their lips are so precise that they can blow out vape rings and balls without much effort. Perfection and skill are important for these types of vapers, as they love to show everyone their latest tricks. They are the community that makes vaping look cool. If you’re considering practising vaping tricks, get an e-cigarette that has long battery life. Honing these skills takes time, and you don’t want to be charging the battery constantly.

4 - The Collector

These vapours will have the latest model of e-cigarettes, along with the first generation too. Be it the device or liquid, these people will have all of them in their collection. Collectors don’t mind spending money on great looking devices and will often have a specially designated display area to keep all of their vaping purchases. You can expect a collector to have hundreds of new and unopened boxes of e-cigarettes laying around their home.

5 - The Casual Vaper

You can expect the casual vaper to own one e-cigarette and one flavour of e-liquid. In fact, don’t be too surprised if they’ve had the same device for a few years. The e-liquid of these vapours will last significantly longer than usual as they will only vape occasionally.

6 - The Seasoned Veteran

These vapers started vaping before it was cool. They know just about everything about vaping and are happy to share what they know with you. In fact, they are probably just waiting for you to ask them a question about it! These experts can recommend newbie vapers the right device and e-liquid for them and be a mentor to the rest of the community.

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