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A Vape Battery Care and Safety Guide for Vapers

A Vape Battery Care and Safety Guide for Vapers

A Vape Battery Care and Safety Guide for Vapers

Your e-cigarette or JUUL pods is just like any electronic device: it has a risk of fires or explosions. But before you panic or worry, the good news is that exploding batteries are extremely rare, and you can prevent your device from causing accidents. All you have to do is to equip yourself with knowledge about caring for your vape battery. To put your safety first and have all the fun, feel free to use this article as your guide. Read and follow the list below:

  1. Avoid overcharging your batteries

It may be tempting to leave your vape battery plugged in overnight as you sleep so that your e-cigarette is ready to use as soon as you wake up. However, doing this can cause damage to the battery and lead it to overcharge. Worse, this could even risk your device to catch fire or explode.

When charging your vape battery, make sure that you are monitoring its charge level or battery status regardless of its brand. If you are using the 18650, which is a common battery, charge it for only four hours. Meanwhile, if you notice that your battery is taking longer to charge, have it checked for issues or replace it altogether.

  1. Invest in high-quality vape batteries

Whether you are a rookie vaper or an experienced vaping enthusiast, you should never settle for cheap vape batteries. Cheap products often have poor quality, making them more prone to explode. Shop for the right battery instead of investing in a high-quality one. 

If you need a vape battery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our vape shop in Greenwich, London has a wide range of vape accessories made of the highest quality materials to ensure you a smooth and safe vaping experience. Reach out to our staff when you need help choosing the right battery for your vape mod. We are more than happy to assist you.

  1. Discover how to spot counterfeit vape batteries

Just like low-quality vape batteries, using a counterfeit one will make it at risk to fires or explosions. Keep in mind that not all batteries are created equally, so make sure to buy only products with a high level of quality from trusted sellers. 

To ensure your safety, try to learn how to identify a counterfeit vape battery from the original one. Some telltale signs that tell your battery are counterfeit are incorrect alignment, a nasty raised seam, lack of stick fluid at the top of your battery, a fluid leak, and more. As soon as you spot these indicators, stay away from them no matter how cheap they are, and look for reputable dealers instead.

  1. Avoid overusing your vape batteries

Over-draining your vape battery might not be a problem if the one you own has a protection system in place. Ensure proper care for your battery by looking at your mod and checking the level of charge left in your battery to avoid overusing it.


An enjoyable vaping experience requires you to become a responsible vaper by putting your safety first all the time. One effective way to do that is by caring for your vape battery and ensuring that it is in tip-top condition. To have a high-quality battery, buy only from reliable stores like ours.

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