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Bacon E-Juice: Meaty, Smoked, & Crispy Smoke

Bacon E-Juice: Meaty, Smoked, & Crispy Smoke

Bacon E-Juice: Meaty, Smoked, & Crispy Smoke

There is a growing number of vapers all over the world today, and it is bound to grow even more. In turn, it has brought new vaping technologies to make it more interesting and exciting. Amidst the developments, one thing remains constant—flavours. Have you tried a bacon-flavoured e-juice? If you haven’t, it is time that you do! 

The Bacon Craze

Who doesn’t love bacon? These days, you don’t have to fry it to enjoy its taste—you can vape it. There is a wide selection of bacon-flavoured e-juices that follow their own recipes. For one, there is an e-juice mixed with bacon along with other elements that will only give you a hint of that porky juice. 

There is also an e-juice that contains the perfect mix of bacon, peanut butter, and banana—it’s like a complete breakfast meal itself. If you have a sweet tooth yet you enjoy a mix of a salty taste, it’s possible to find chocolate bacon-flavoured e-juice today. 

For the Brave

Despite bacon’s reputation, many vapers are still hesitant to try a bacon-flavoured e-juice, which is why this particular flavour is considered for the bold vapers out there, along with other flavours. Here are some of the vape juice flavours that you might want to try: 

  • Butter – Most butter-flavoured e-juice contains straight-up butter flavour, and you can literally taste its high cholesterol content. Its creamy and slightly sweet taste has won the hearts of some vapers, although some remain sceptical about it. 

  • Roast chicken – Roast chicken e-liquid is like the version of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans in the world of vaping. If you haven’t tried it, it does exist. However, there are little to no reviews about it, so we’re not sure about the experience. Fingers crossed that the roast chicken e-juice is well-seasoned. 

  • Garlic – There is a garlic e-juice that contains an intense garlicky flavour. It’s like you’re eating real garlic, and the smell is overpowering. Vapers who have tried it swear it tastes like roasted garlic. 

  • Black Pepper – The black pepper e-juice is pure pepper. It doesn’t contain any other elements but just pepper. Surprisingly, most black pepper juice reviews have gained high ratings because of its bold flavour. 

  • Tuna – If you want a taste of the sea, then you might want to try a tuna-flavoured e-juice. The flavour is a bit mild, and its smell isn’t that overpowering. 


There are a lot of bizarre-flavoured e-juices available in the market today, and if you’re a vaper who doesn’t mind trying such bold tastes, start with bacon-flavoured juice as it seems like the most harmless one in the list. 

You also don’t need to have a hard time finding an e-juice supplier for a bacon-flavoured vape juice. A quick search on Google will lead you to some of the well-known e-juice suppliers, and who knows what other flavours you might find while you’re there? 

We are a vape shop in Welling and Greenwich London that provides high-quality e-juices. Contact us today and see our range of products for a better vaping experience! 

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