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Chasing Flavours: 4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Vape

Chasing Flavours: 4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Vape

Chasing Flavours: 4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Vape

If you’ve been a long-time vape user for a while now, then you might be way past the point of blowing giant puffs of smoke or producing clouds of vapour as your primary goal. Now you’re all about ensuring you get the best experience from your vape setup by focusing on its flavour. 


While chasing vapour clouds can be fun to a certain extent, thinking long term can lead you to appreciate the taste your vape provides and using the right e-liquid to prove it. It’s all about optimising the capabilities of your mod to bring out the flavour you’re looking for.


Keep reading below to find out some ways to utilise the use of your device to help you achieve the best-tasting flavour suitable for your needs.


Incorporate The Right Settings


One of the easiest methods to improve the flavour of your vape juice is by using the right settings. The level of taste you want to achieve varies depending on how you set your device because certain flavours tend to turn into gas through different degrees of temperature. 


The settings of your vape mod can control how much heat your coil produces, and for those who are aiming for better-tasting flavour, it’s essential to have a variable wattage device. You can begin by choosing a lower setting than usual and slowly go up higher until you figure out what works for you just by experimenting on your own.  


Close Off Your Airflow


For people who are more interested in keeping the flavour rather than chasing clouds of vapour, it would help to close off your airflow to gain the ideal taste from your vape. Doing so can result in a thicker and hotter vape that packs in more flavour. 


Maintaining the perfect balance and avoiding closing your airflow off entirely is necessary because it can lead to terrible vapour production that could end up being too hot for you to enjoy. You can start with a low setting and gradually increase your airflow until you reach your desired outcome that provides you with just the right taste.


Get A Higher PG Vape Juice


People who have been vaping for a while may have come up with their own preferences towards PG/VG vape juices. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a vape liquid that is odourless and colourless but carries a majority of the flavour. This component is added by most people to achieve a stronger hit, similar to what you experience with smoking cigarettes.


Meanwhile, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the thicker component that creates a heavier vapour—which is perfect for cloud-chasers. But if you’re more concerned about maximising taste, PG offers concentrated flavours which you can significantly benefit from and improve your vaping experience. 


Learn To Maintain Your Vape


If you’re always looking forward to testing out different e-juice flavours, then it would help to use new coils and clean wicks for each one. While it requires additional effort and costs, your device will ultimately provide better taste from installing new parts. 


But if you don’t have the luxury and prefer to use what you’ve got, you can rinse your vape’s atomiser head after one to two days to prolong its lifespan and continue receiving better flavour. 




When it comes to taking advantage of what your vape can do, it’s not always about making huge clouds of smoke, but it’s also about achieving the right flavour for an enjoyable experience. By incorporating the correct settings, closing off your airflow, getting a higher PG vape juice, and learning how to maintain your unit, you can ensure you’re on the right track to chasing flavours instead of clouds.


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