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Cool Gift Ideas for the Vaper Who Has Everything

Cool Gift Ideas for the Vaper Who Has Everything

Cool Gift Ideas for the Vaper Who Has Everything

Despite knowing someone pretty well, finding the perfect gift for them can be challenging. That is especially true for someone who seems to have everything. What gift will make them happy? If you have a vaper friend or loved one who has everything they need, there are still vape gifts that are well-received.

1. New e-liquid flavours

Vapers need a constant supply of vape e-liquids because, after a few months, e-liquid often loses its quality. However, you are not going to give just any e-liquid. From time to time, there are new flavours being released, and there is a chance that your special someone has not tried them yet. A few bottles they can try will be a great gift you can buy for them.

2.  Replacement coils

A replacement coil (also called cartomizer, cartridge, or atomizer) wears out over time. Since it is an essential part of a vape device, it needs to be replaced. That’s what makes it a perfect gift for a vaper. Find out the model of the device your friend uses, and get them a box of replacement coils.

3. A bottle of vodka

Now this will be a fun gift to buy as it can serve a dual purpose. Vapers need to clean the coil of their device, and vodka makes for a great cleaning solution. If not, it’s a good drink to celebrate an occasion.

4. Personalized vape case

Vapers carry their vape tools everywhere they go, and a personalized case will be useful to them. Having a case or sleeve personalized shows that you put a little extra effort to put your touch in the gift.

5. Dedicated vape battery charger

It will be a real bummer for a vaper to ran out of battery for their vape device. They often use a vape mod’s USB port, but it usually does a horrible job. Get your loved one a dedicated vape battery charger to give them a superior charging experience.

6. Vape stands and holders

Help your loved one stay organized by gifting them a vape stand or holder. Instead of keeping the vape device lying on the surface anywhere in their house, there are stands and holder to place them. You can get a car cup holder, a magnetic stand, a clamp stand, and a bath tray with vape slots. Pick one that has a creative design.


Finding the right gift for someone you love is not always easy, and it can be extra challenging for someone who seems to have everything. These suggestions above are often well-received, as well as useful to the receiver. However, don’t stress yourself out because, at the end of the day, it’s always the thought that counts better. Your friend will be more than happy to receive anything from you.

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