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Enhancing Your Vape's Flavour: How to Steep Your e-Juice

Enhancing Your Vape's Flavour: How to Steep Your e-Juice

Enhancing Your Vape's Flavour: How to Steep Your e-Juice

The best part about getting into e-cigarettes is that there are many ways to create a unique experience for yourself. You can purchase different coils, tanks, and other accessories to improve your vaping sessions. Besides the different mod pieces you can build on, did you know that you can change and adjust the flavour of your e-juices?

Steeping e-liquid is similar to how aging wine and whisky improves its flavour. However, it does more than just improve its current taste since it can also combine and mix other juices as well.

How Do Manufacturers Steep E-Liquids?

Throughout their manufacturing and bottling process, e-liquid suppliers allow their products to steep to bring out its flavour. This process requires them to take a sample of the e-juice for testing. They will conduct a test to see which flavour profile will be well-received, similar to what takes place during the wine tasting process.

Next, they expose the e-liquid to the air to allow oxidation to take place. They will then compare the aerated sample with the initial flavour profiles in the initial taste test.

Lastly, the e-juice will ‘steep’ over time in a dark and cool location. Afterwards, the mixers will shake the bottle and continue the cycle of aeration at intervals to achieve the best flavour profile possible.

Many adventurous connoisseurs of e-cigarettes replicate this streathing process through DIY methods. Since the basic principles only require heating, mixing, and storage, it’s possible to make your own personal flavour profile together with mixing unique juices as well.

 What E-Liquid Flavours Work Well With Steeping?

Menthol, fruit, and other sweet e-liquid flavors don’t need a long steeping time so you can vape them right away. On the other hand, tobacco and dessert flavours require a longer steeping time to mature and yield an enhanced taste. Although the e-liquid manufacturer already does the steeping before selling, you may even want to set it aside for a bit longer to develop it yourself.

Should I Steep My E-Liquid?

If you’re buying a premixed e-liquid from an online shop, then you might not need to steep it any further. These products already go through steeping before retailers sell them. This is why you need to be careful about how you store them since exposure to air, light, and heat can degrade their flavour.

You should only steep your own e-liquid if you’re mixing your own set of juices. It’s a more complicated process than only qualified and experienced mixologists are capable of. Since it’s a complex treatment, you might end up with a few bitter-tasting cartridges on your first few tries. Keep in mind that if you’re adding nicotine to an e-liquid, you should steep it first before you vape it. This allows the flavoured e-liquid to mix evenly with the nicotine.


Steeping your ejuice is a popular technique to enhance the flavour profiles of your e-liquid. However, not many people are capable of doing this feat since it requires dedication and experience in the craft of mixology. This is why you should always be cautious when trying out new techniques to improve your current build’s taste.

Remember to purchase your e-cigarette products from reliable retailers that can give you the best value for your money. This ensures that your e-cigarette accessories and e-liquid flavors can give you the best quality of performance and flavour combined.

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