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How Gift Vapes Help Smokers Quit & How You Can Gift One - Guide

How Gift Vapes Help Smokers Quit & How You Can Gift One - Guide

How Gift Vapes Help Smokers Quit & How You Can Gift One - Guide

Do you have a friend who is trying his or her best to quit smoking? Spare them the lectures they've heard a billion times about how to stop and gift them a vape instead. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Gift Vapes Makes a Smoke-Quitter's Life Easier

Any long-time smoker knows how hard it is to quit smoking entirely. Even in their daily tasks, while working or at play, the craving of nicotine can be so severe that it impairs them to perform up to par. At the same time, it will turn them into "zombies," unmotivated to make any decisions and just wanting to get through with the day.

With that in mind, why vapes? As a vaper, you know that there are many different kinds of vapes, many kinds of flavour, and many other different concentrations of nicotine. All these factors can be overwhelming to anyone just wanting to have a puff of smoke to calm their minds. 

That's where a vaping gift comes in. By providing your smoke-quitting friends with everything they need on the get-go, they can enjoy the first puff of vape they sorely need with as little effort as possible. This is a sure-fire way to get them to start their process of quitting smoking.

With that, here's what you need to know about gifting your friend a vape:

Choosing a Flavor

You know how important it is to enjoy the flavour of the vape juice. After all, it is one of the biggest reasons to vape, especially for those who do not vape to quit cigarette smoking, but rather to experience the flavour and fun. 

When it comes to selecting a taste, the best way to go about choosing one is to recollect on your experience with your friends. If you know that your friend has a sweet tooth, look for dessert-like flavours like chocolate delight, fried ice cream, peach cobblers, and many more like it. If you've ever heard them go on and on about the taste of tobacco, it is also a good idea to pick up one that tastes like cigarettes. If you have the money, pick up at least three different flavours you think your quitting friend likes to give them a variety to choose from.

Selecting a Vape Rig

Remember, that buddy of yours isn't an expert on vapes and probably isn't ready to use any custom-build vape mods. To keep their life (and yours) simple, buy a vape pen or any other easy-to-use device. Make sure that it is easy to fill and clean. By doing this, you give your friend a great introduction to the world of vaping. They can quickly learn how the vape device works and start using it with minimal effort. To get them even more interested and feel loved, buy a pen in the colour or design they like. That way, they can feel proud of their vape pens.

Show your friend some love and care by purchasing them the right vape with the right flavours. Before you know it, your friend will find himself or herself completely off the cigarettes! Now, not only do you have a friend who's free from the harms of tobacco smoking, but you have someone you can share your vaping hobby with.

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