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Our 6-Step Guide to a Relaxing Vape Session - Vapin 101

Our 6-Step Guide to a Relaxing Vape Session - Vapin 101

Our 6-Step Guide to a Relaxing Vape Session - Vapin 101

While it’s hard to define what a perfect vape is, every vaper aspires to take a puff that strikes a balance between flavour, temperature, and smoke clouds. Some vapers prefer warm flavours, while others look for menthol tastes. As for the clouds, some prefer to fill the room with smoke while others prefer vape rings instead.


No one can explain the perfect vape experience and the best location for vaping. However, there are steps that you can follow to ensure a relaxing experience regardless of flavour, temperature, smoke, and location.


Step 1: Charge the vape fully


Make sure that you fully charge your rig to have an extended vape session. Partially charged mods can produce a few puffs but not at ideal temperatures to produce delicious clouds. Likewise, you wouldn’t want your vaping to be cut short by an empty battery. Switch to your fully charged back-up battery to start the long session and charge the other battery for an extended vape time.


Step 2: Aptly tighten each gasket


The e-liquid can spill all over the place if the gaskets are not tightly sealed. While it’s easy to clean up, the leak is a waste of cloud and flavour. You can avoid this situation by tightening the gasket. Dismantle the vape and put it back together to make sure that each gasket is tightly attached. The screw-in bits must be tight enough to hold the rubber without inflicting damage.


Step 3: Clear your sinuses


Vaping is an experience that runs through the head, and the vapour’s taste goes beyond the tongue. The flavour flows through your throat and into your sinus. Your nose helps in enjoying the vape while your ears feel some sensation as well. This clearing effect makes people believe that vaping can unclog the sinuses with its moisturizing mist.


To receive full effects, however, you’ll need to clear your sinuses beforehand. Taking a hot shower before vaping can soothe the sinus. If that’s not possible, blow your nose until you feel comfortable with deep breaths in both nostrils. Clearing your sinuses allows you to taste every bit of flavour.


Step 4: Choose the best flavour


Experienced vapers don’t have just one favourite flavour. They try as many e-liquids as they can to find the juices that suit their preferences. They also heed the recommendation of their fellow vapers in trying new variants and deciding which e-liquid to savour makes them excited to vape. A vaper may switch from a fruity flavour to chocolate the following day and something minty the day after. Matching the e-liquid blend with your mood also makes the vaping more relaxing.

Step 5: Load your tank or cartridge


After doing the first four steps, it’s time to load the tank if you’re using a rig or cartridge in the case of vaping pens. Pour the liquid carefully to avoid spilling the juice outside the tank or into the wick. Pointing the tip of the liquid’s bottle at the side of the container ensures that none of the fluid gets wasted.


Step 6: Find an appropriate vaping spot


After loading the liquid, you can begin vaping. Stay at your most comfortable vaping spot and start to puff while listening to some soothing music. You can also invite your friends to make the experience more meaningful. However, make sure that you’re not disturbing anyone who may not be fond of vaping. You must respect their area the way they allow you to vape in your comfort spot.


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