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How Vaping Can Help You Become a Better Partner

How Vaping Can Help You Become a Better Partner

How Vaping Can Help You Become a Better Partner

Your partner may not say it, but your smoking habit may be causing problems within your relationship. Aside from your breath smelling bad, your heart and lungs deteriorate to limit your mobility. You can’t go on a vacation or a bonding activity with your partner because your body cannot deal with the physical strain. If you are keen on saving your blissful partnership or finding the love of your life, it’s time to quit smoking and consider vaping instead.


More people tolerate vaping


A recent study by Inogen revealed that 70 per cent of women find smokers unattractive, and 56 per cent of them won’t even consider dating one. On the other hand, 65 per cent of males don’t see female smokers as attractive either, and 46 per cent of the same respondents won’t go on a date. Ninety-one per cent of the respondents indicated cigarette smoke as the main reason for turning down a date with a smoker, while secondhand smoke was second at 75 per cent.


However, the same UK study also showed a significant decrease of unattractiveness towards vape smokers. Only 55 per cent of females found male vapers unattractive, while 44 per cent of men find female vape smokers unappealing. 


Limited smoking spaces


Beyond the physical reasons, removing smoking from your system will open up more social connections. Fewer smoking spots are available nowadays, and they are relegated farther to lessen the effects of secondhand smoking. Likewise, places wherein smoking is acceptable, like bars and pool halls, are not the ideal locations for finding a partner. On the other hand, vape smoke doesn’t pose as much health risks, and they smell better than a cigarette.


Why try vaping?


While there are claims regarding its health risks, vaping exposes you and your partner to fewer chemicals as compared to cigarettes. It’s a cleaner alternative because it doesn’t leave waste, unlike cigarette butts. Vaping also offers less risk for developing serious diseases, making it a better substitute for tobacco. Ask your provider about the latest research on e-liquids if you still have apprehensions about vapes.


Commit to improving yourself


Because significant changes don’t happen overnight, you must work hard on yourself and quit smoking for good. Being a better person will help rekindle the romance with your partner or make you a better person to a future partner. Likewise, you become less of a physical liability by ditching cigarettes for vaping. That way, you can commit to a longer and healthier relationship with the person of your dreams.

Quality vapes available here


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