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Our Buying-Your-First-Vape Guide for Beginners - What to Know

Our Buying-Your-First-Vape Guide for Beginners - What to Know

Our Buying-Your-First-Vape Guide for Beginners - What to Know

Vaping is an alternative method of smoking. Experts say that these new alternatives are going to help you get off the destructive habit of smoking. It’s also a delicious way of getting off smoking because some vape flavors are delicious and have lingered after tastes. 

Keep in mind that there are about a million types of vape in the market. Choosing one can be difficult and will make you think twice about actually getting one. Nevertheless, if you’re really serious about quitting cigarette smoking and have no idea of where to start on vaping, we’re here for you. 

In this article, we will share several universal tips on choosing your very first vape to help you create your own opinion about vaping and find the style and gear that serves you best.


Vaping requires adjustments


The process that it took for you to acquire the taste of nicotine and tobacco is about the same as learning to get comfortable with a vape. When you no longer feel weird about vaping, it means you’re starting to adjust to it. 

Many smokers do not know how to use a vape the correct way, which is why you shouldn’t get intimidated by it. It’s also important to remember that your first vape is not going to be perfect. You will learn how to take it apart and how to put it back, which is essential when you’re cleaning the vape. You will learn how to fix it when it breaks. You will also learn how to refill the tank and how to replace the wicks and coils.


Other than that, you will also learn how to properly carry your vape and where not to put it to avoid breakage. A vape can be an extension if you’re a heavy smoker. However, if you’re trying to get off the habit of smoking altogether, you will find ways to conceal it and only use it when the urge becomes too hard to resist.


Remember that your first vape may not be a pleasant experience, but you will learn as you go. This means that there’s no reason to panic. Most of the frequent vapers also went through this arduous process of learning when they first started vaping.


Go for the Big Brands


Quality is always better than quantity. When you’re looking to save more money by getting the less-valuable vape, expect inferior results. The least expensive vape breaks faster than the expensive one. That’s because the more prominent brands built their product with durability so that it will last longer than other products in the market. 

Research online and look for recommendations of which vape to purchase. Ask your friends if a particular brand is more effective than another brand. Cross-reference what you learned and arrive at a smart decision. Some brands have forum posts, and this is a huge help for first-time vapers.


The Size of Your Hands is a Major Factor


As mentioned earlier, there are a million types of vapes to choose from. To narrow it down, consider the size of your hand. Take a look at your hand, and you’ll know if it’s large or small. Do you like holding small items, or do you want to keep items that feel like they’re designed for you? Do you like heavy items or light items? These are the questions you can consider when choosing for your first vape.


How You Want To Vape is Also a Factor


Do you like your vape mounted on your mountain bike? Do you like it clipped inside your jacket? Your first vape will be what you choose it to be. If you discover that it’s not the right type for you, don’t despair because you can choose another one next time.




Getting the right vape the first time is not a requirement or a standard. You can expect some setbacks and some frustrations. However, with time, you can surely choose the right vape.


If you are looking to start vaping, you will need quality accessories. We are an online vape shop in London that sells quality vape mods, e-liquids, and related accessories at reasonable prices.

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