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How Your Body Reacts When You Quit Smoking & Start Vaping - What to Know

How Your Body Reacts When You Quit Smoking & Start Vaping - What to Know

How Your Body Reacts When You Quit Smoking & Start Vaping - What to Know

There has been much talk about the benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to vapes. Know that some of the effects will start to occur even after a few hours while others happen years after ditching the old cigarettes. Here's a timeline of the changes your body undergoes when you transfer from smoking to vaping.

8 hours after the switch

After one-third of a day, the amount of oxygen in your blood returns to normal levels, even if you already started vaping. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, the vapour produced by the vape does not have carbon monoxide. This shift allows your body to detoxify the previous carbon monoxide deposits inhaled, which increases the oxygen levels in the blood and improves your overall health.

24 hours after the shift

Aside from your body getting rid of the carbon monoxide deposits, your lungs will also begin to detoxify by removing the accumulated mucus and debris from tobacco cigarettes. By stopping the intake of toxins, your body gets to cure itself while you are inhaling toxin-free smoke from electronic cigarettes.

48 hours after the transition

Two days after switching from tobacco to vape, your sense of taste improves, making food and drinks more enjoyable. You will also be able to discern more fragrances that you didn't savour while puffing tobacco cigarettes. The toxins in tobacco cigarettes actually damage the receptors in your mouth and nose to lessen your ability to smell and taste accurately.

Three days after the change

If you start to feel the positive effects two days after switching, you will only gain more when you add another day of vaping instead of tobacco smoking. People notice that it's easier to breathe since there is no more exposure to tar that irritates and clogs bronchial tubes. Since they are not catching their breath anymore, they have the energy to perform more physical activities.

Three to nine months

Continuous vaping and staying away from tobacco cigarettes for up to nine months will result in reduced coughing, wheezing, and shallow breathing. The lungs improve as the body clears away the harmful residue from cigarette smoking.

Five years

If you can prevent yourself from smoking cigarettes for five years, you will reduce the risk of having a heart attack by half. The risk goes even lower as you pass this milestone, and you need not worry about vaping because the vapour it produces does not cause damage to your heart.

Ten years

After ten years, the risk of acquiring lung cancer will also drop by about half from the rate when you were smoking tobacco cigarettes. Likewise, the vape's smoke does not contain carcinogens, unlike traditional cigarettes. Quitting tobacco for ten years also significantly reduces the risk of heart attack to relatively the same as someone who doesn’t smoke. Meanwhile, substituting tobacco with e-liquid provides the same effect of nicotine as those of caffeine.

Keep going

Your health will improve more the longer you stay away from tobacco cigarettes. Your body will benefit from quitting the harmful substance, and you will feel more energetic. Aside from dramatically reducing the illnesses, you can incur, the people around you won't have to deal with the harmful second-hand smoke that puts their health in danger as well.

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