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Our Guide on How to Vape - What to Know

Our Guide on How to Vape - What to Know

Our Guide on How to Vape - What to Know

Using a vape isn’t as simple as lighting a cigarette and sticking it in your mouth. Thus, for most first-time vapers, the experience could be somewhat frustrating. However, once you learn how to use your vape correctly, you will adapt to it and find vaping enjoyable. Also, the learning curve involved in learning how to use the vape isn’t that steep. You can know how to vape correctly with the following steps outlined below:

Choose the right vape juice

An excellent vape experience begins with choosing the right vape juice. Vape juice has three basic ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycol (VG), and flavour concentrate. While former cigarette smokers would opt for an e-juice that contains nicotine, not all e-juices have nicotine, so even those who don’t want to be addicted to nicotine can try vaping. If you want to have a cloudier puff, you can try higher-VG vape juice. However, if you want to have a sharper flavour and stronger throat hit, you might prefer a higher-PG vape juice. There are hundreds of vape juice flavours that you can also experiment with. Former smokers tend to choose the classic tobacco flavour.

Wait for the vape juice to heat up and evaporate

Your vape juice would have to pass through the heating element inside your device. To have a more flavorful puff, you would need to press the heating element button for 2-3 seconds before release. Doing this instead of releasing the atomizer outright would enable more of the e-juice to turn into vapour, which in turn would mean more flavour. On the other hand, releasing your atomizer immediately after you press it could cause unevaporated e-liquid to spurt from the mouthpiece.

Hold the vapour in your mouth before exhaling

Once you feel that the vapour is entering your mouth, draw in three to seven more sips of vapour. Then, hold that vapour in your mouth to allow some of the flavorful molecules in the vapour to cluster together. This would give your puff a more concentrated throat hit and taste. Then, you can exhale the used smoke or inhale it. Note that you will have to wait for 30 seconds before you feel the lung-hit.

Allow your device to cool for three minutes before you make your next puff

If you want to make another smoke, wait for at least three minutes for your device to cool off, to help your device last longer. There is also another reason why you would have to let a few minutes pass before you make another smoke. You would have to let the substances from your first puff to wear off to avoid irritating your throat and tongue. 

What else can you do

Aside from the steps outlined above, getting the right hit and taste would require you to practice on your own. You can try experimenting with liquid combinations, flavours, VG-PG proportions, and nicotine levels. You can also try to know for yourself if exhaling through the nose or mouth would feel more comfortable. Each person has their preferences when it comes to vaping. Thus, find the right set of techniques that would work best for you.

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