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Our Guide to 4 Types of Vapers - Which One Are You?

Our Guide to 4 Types of Vapers - Which One Are You?

Our Guide to 4 Types of Vapers - Which One Are You?

With the exciting world of vaping becoming even more widespread, it should go without saying that a vaper can’t necessarily be tied down to one common archetype. As the entire field of vaping continues to grow even more detail-oriented, each important part of vaping cultivates a certain subtype of vapers that are dedicated to chasing a certain aspect which provides their own ideal experience. 

Whether you may view vaping as a subculture, second-millennium cultural institution, or a hobby that’s come far from being a smoking alternative, it's essential to know that “standard” vapers don’t exist. If you aren’t aware of what kind of vaper you are, here are a few common types that have shaped the vaping industry as a whole:

1. The E-Liquid Connoisseur

Commonly known as “vaporists,” e-liquid connoisseurs vape to discover new flavours, create them, and enjoy every type of e-juice that satisfies their tastebuds and aroma preferences. The regular e-liquid connoisseur always looks for new flavours to try as they go about their journey into finding the “perfect flavour.” Chances are, however, that they still have a stockroom of old juices because they can’t stick with an option for too long. 

2. The Trickster

If there are vapers who enjoy the flavours of the smoke that they puff, then there are others that are in it for the thrill of making magic out of the vapours themselves. The trickster is a type of vaper who follows three key principles: puff a lot, be creative, and chase clouds.

Tricksters, in particular, have become a staple in the vaping community that have come far beyond performing sick jellyfish tricks, puffing out vape balls, or smoking o-rings. They’re now a sector that represents vaping’s entertaining aspect best. Nowadays, you can catch a whole group of tricksters at cloud chasing competitions where they can flex their skills and chase after a not-so-far-fetched dream of becoming Instagram-famous. 

3. The Borderline Hoarder

Sure, they may not exactly have the best vape tricks in their arsenal or are responsible for creating best-selling flavours, but there’s one aspect that borderline hoarders can definitely show off: their collection of attys, mods, liquids, and devices

Alternatively known as hobbyists, borderline hoarders are mainly into vaping simply because they love to collect every piece of vaping technology that shows off the intricacy of creating powerful and artistically-intricate attys and mods. 

4. The Casual

Casuals, on the other hand, are a common type of vaper that isn’t puffing to impress with tricks, justify their expenses, or test new flavours––they simply vape because they feel like it. Some may be looking for a great way to destress after work, others look to quit a long-term smoking habit, and while some probably vape because they think it’s cool. 

The casual vaper is one who tends to come and go, as they only seek a puff or ten and put their device away until a few days after or the following week.

Final words

The vaping scene is best embodied in four common types of vapers that best represent an aspect of the entire experience. Whether you’re a casual, trickster, e-liquid connoisseur, or a borderline hoarder, the experience of vaping is what brings everyone together with every puff and refill. 

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