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Understanding the Intricacies and Appeal of Sub Ohm Vaping

Understanding the Intricacies and Appeal of Sub Ohm Vaping

Understanding the Intricacies and Appeal of Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohming is essentially the white whale for advanced vapers. It is the final step in the journey for those who love taking their vaping to greater heights, and an essential aspect of cloud chasing. Though it might be daunting, the purveyors at the best vape shop in Welling have created this guide to help you understand it. 

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

In the early days of vaping, the pioneers had limited options. All you had were low-quality e-cigarettes that delivered minimal flavour and hardly any vapour. Luckily, things have come a long way since 2003 brought us the birth of the vape. 

Sub Ohm Vaping is essentially using higher power outputs and higher firing temperatures to produce gigantic clouds and epic flavours, in addition to giving you the capacity to tailor it to your experience. 

Essentially, it is a complex combination of equipment to generate thicker, denser, and bigger clouds from high-VG juices. It is fantastic for demonstrations, hobby vaping, and even competitive cloud-chasing. 

Some other benefits of Sub Ohm vaping are the following:

1. The better flavours

While the advice you get from vape shops is to up your PG to achieve better flavours, the next level in the vaping experience can only be achieved through a well-constructed Sub Ohm setup. You might notice that you are able to taste the juices better, especially if you use juices that are formulated for Sub Ohm Vaping. 

2. Mouth-to-lung vaping

Even mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers who aren’t looking for deep hits can enjoy the benefits of a Sub Ohm setup. Even though Sub Ohm vaping is popular for providing better deep drags, you can fully customise the experience to your preferences, giving you a fully optimised MTL experience. 

This is especially good for those trying to cut down on their smoking, especially since you can recreate the experience of cigarette draws more effectively with this type of setup. 

3. Lower nicotine hits

Sub Ohm vaping is a perfect way to slowly lower the nicotine content in your vaping experience and transform your preferences. While nicotine is still an essential element, Sub Ohm vaping opens up a world of experiences outside the nicotine hit. The clouds and flavours take priority, as Sub Ohm vaping offers much less of a throat hit especially since it typically involves high-VG liquids. 

How do I get into it? 

Luckily, modern inventions have eliminated much of what was inconvenient about this step in the hobby. Back in the day, you needed a good understanding of Ohm’s law, to wrap your own wires, check resistances, wicking, dripping, and so on.

Nowadays, however, there are plenty of Sub Ohm tanks at local vape shops to choose from. Many of these are built with low resistances and the capacity to handle high wattages. They even go up to 40 watts, allowing you to produce clouds of great size. 

Final thoughts

Sub Ohm vaping is not for everybody. If you do, however, decide that you would like to explore an option that offers greater customisation, why not ask your local vape shop about it? It might be your next big frontier in vaping. 

If you need a vape shop in Welling to ask, send us at Vapin Loud a message. We have all the best options for equipment and juices. 

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