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Up for an Awesome Vape Party? Here are Some Cool Tricks for Vapers!

Up for an Awesome Vape Party? Here are Some Cool Tricks for Vapers!

Up for an Awesome Vape Party? Here are Some Cool Tricks for Vapers!

What can the rest of us expect from vapers? You are social butterflies. You’re always at parties, huffing and puffing and swapping flavours. You like to talk endlessly about the components of your vape rig and compare everything, from e-liquid flavour to box mod battery compartments.

One thing that we shouldn't miss out on seeing is your vape trick. Yes, showing off your vape trick is something that can spice things up when you’re at a party with friends. After all, that's the whole point of learning a vape trick or two.

When it comes to vape tricks, you may have already mastered making a defined O and a round one. However, there are plenty of other tricks that you have yet to discover and show to your peers. We made the list below for you. Check it out:


Fill your glass with a spiralling vape.

Let's begin with having a smoky glass. We bet you’ve tried filling a clear drinking glass or wine glass with a thick, swirling vape. If you've tried this trick at least once, then you have what it takes to be good at it. Here's how to do it:

All you need is a clear glass and the desire to do something really cool. Start by taking a deep hit. Savour the flavour and allow the smoke to build up in your lungs and sinuses. When you’re ready, gently exhale into the glass. Don't blow too hard. Release the smoke as if you're pouring liquid. The smoke will actually swirl into the glass. 

There you have it. It's as if it were an ephemeral ghost mixer waiting for you to take a flavoured sip. Isn’t this a great trick?


Puff up and fog up the dance floor.

Next on the list is having a foggy dance floor. There’s no better way to vape than to fog up the dance floor. Imagine having a fog machine on the dance floor, with the fog curling around everyone present as they dance the night away.

In this case, you don't need a machine to fill the room with sweet-smelling clouds. Every vaper in the joint can contribute to fogging up the dance floor. All you vapers should get together and stand around the dance floor. Once you’re all in position, start puffing your lungs out until tons of clouds start forming and fill the whole area. 

This will create a great dance floor where you can bust a move. You may even want to work the billowing smoke into your choreography. That would be absolutely cool! 


Unravel lasers with vape clouds.

Finally, the last trick involves creating laser vape clouds. Have you discovered how lasers can make vape smoke look absolutely awesome?

How does it work? As you are aware, vape puts cool-looking particles into the air in the form of vapour. Now, when those little particles catch the faint light of a laser, the entire cloud will light up like a Christmas tree. You can use either a laser pointer or a party laser show kit.

For more powerful lasers, you can show off your beams in a spectacular way to fill the room with a series of vape clouds punctuated by the glow of several beams at once. This will create a perfect laser light show using vape clouds! Are you looking for a vape shop in London?

Come visit Vapin Loud today! With a wide range of products, you won’t be disappointed.

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