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What You Need to Know about Mixing E-Juice by Weight - Our Guide

What You Need to Know about Mixing E-Juice by Weight - Our Guide

What You Need to Know about Mixing E-Juice by Weight - Our Guide

Over the past few years, the vaping industry has increased significantly in popularity. Many people get into vaping because it is often deemed as a fun hobby. Aside from experimenting with various vape mods, however, one of the most popular hobbies of vapers is mixing their own e-liquids. There’s actually quite a marketing opportunity for this, which means you can earn a lot of money only by mixing your own e-juices and selling them. 

Making your own e-juice requires mixing three main elements — the base liquid, which is PG and VG, nicotine, and flavour concentrates. Nevertheless, you don’t need all of these, especially if you prefer your e-liquid nicotine-free or with no flavour. 

Know that an efficient way to mix e-juices is by weight instead of volume. Therefore, this eliminates the need for countless materials, such as beakers, and measuring cups that create clutter during your preparation. 

Materials & Ingredients

First, you need to have a good quality scale and a mixing bottle. Also, make sure that the mixing bottle is big enough to hold the desired amount of liquid that you want to produce. Moreover, it should have a wide mouth to allow easy pouring of ingredients. 

When getting ingredients for your e-liquid, it’s best to get the ones that come in squeeze bottles because it’s easier to pour them into the bottle and make sure that you ready some paper tissues and gloves. Having an e-liquid calculator will be handy as well. There are plenty of e-calculators that you can use online that will make the measuring process much easier. 


You don’t have to be a genius at math here. All you need are simple multiplication skills, and you’re all set. To do your calculations, determine the bottle size to know how many grams you need to make. 

Pack Them Up

Once you have it ready, place them in bottles. The type of bottle you use will depend on your preference, so you’re free to choose whatever you want! Then, stick your labels on the bottle and write the details on it. 

By mixing e-juice by weight, you get to save much time instead of mixing it by volume. The math is simple, and you only need a few pieces of equipment to get the process started. The best part is that it’s believed that weight is more accurate than volume, which means that you’ll feel more confident about your e-juice. 

Final Words

Not only will you be able to save more time by mixing e-juice by weight, but just imagine the amount of money that you can save in the process. This way, you’ll be able to spend more money on your ingredients so that you can experiment with more varieties to enhance your overall experience! For these reasons, many DIY vapers are switching from mixing by volume to weight because of the amazing benefits that this particular process provides. 

You can also get DIY vape juice kits that come in a bundle and have everything that you need. However, the majority of the kits available today are for mixing by volume. With the tips given above, you can start concocting the best e-juice recipe!

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