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Wrapping: A Concrete Solution for Avoiding Vaping Fires?

Wrapping: A Concrete Solution for Avoiding Vaping Fires?

Wrapping: A Concrete Solution for Avoiding Vaping Fires?

If you were to ask any vaper what their worst nightmare is, they’d most likely tell you that they would dread to see the day when their device suddenly catches on fire. 

Although it’s not necessarily something that you think would happen to you, there’s no denying that the possibility of having a device catch fire before, during, or after your vape session is something that can happen. Today, it isn’t uncommon to stumble upon the bad press and social media posts about mod boxes and tanks that suddenly catch fire and hurt a few dozen vapers in the UK each year. 

Thankfully, preventing yourself from becoming another victim of a vape rig that spontaneously combusts isn’t as challenging as you may expect, especially if you brush up on the right battery safety and wrapping tips! 

Why do vape batteries catch fire?

Generally, the figurative and literal catalyst for vape devices catching fire lies in the fact that the batteries that vaping devices use are far more powerful than regular ones.

Compared to the batteries found in alarm clocks, remote controls, and other household devices, standard vape batteries generate more power localised in a small region. Heat is allocated so that a more thorough burn makes the most out of a bottle of e-juice’s flavour while increasing the amount of smoke generated with each hit.

Although the way electricity and heat are generated makes for enjoyable vaping sessions, the problem is that there are times where this same amount of energy can lead to things getting alight out of nowhere. 

Why wrapping is one of the best solutions that you can go for

When it comes to preventing the risk of having your vape set-up catch fire because of the sheer volume of electricity that standard batteries produce, wrapping has been regarded as one of the most effective methods.

Although there are other ways to prevent fires in a vape mod, wrapping is fundamentally the best because it uses the scientific principles of using insulators to counteract an excess of electricity. Once you understand more about the concept of using wraps on your battery, you’ll be able to make things much safer as you continue to take your daily hits!

Making the most out of your wraps for maximum safety

The biggest misconception that most vapers have when they begin to wrap their batteries is that putting a new layer on is all that’s needed because it doesn’t get any better than that. However, it’s worth noting that there are multiple ways to make the most out of your anti-fire practices with these additional tips and tricks: 

Tip #1: Swap a direct-to-mod charge for a dedicated system

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your wraps don’t get undermined so that you don’t end up having a head-related predicament is to start using dedicated charging for your vape batteries. Not only is a dedicated charging system much more optimal for the health of your batteries, but it also prevents fires because they have built-in security measures that avoid blazes!

Tip #2: Inspect your wraps regularly

When you want to make wraps far more effective, it’s critical to ensure that it is capable of preventing any problems from popping up and wreaking havoc. This means that any nick, scrape, or other sign of wear and tear must be met with an appropriate replacement so that temperatures are always kept under control. By taking the time to regularly look at your wraps, you can spot the perfect time to swap out your worn old wraps with our Superhero 18650 Battery Wraps and prevent any unwanted problems from popping up!


Although having your vape catch fire all of a sudden is something that many enthusiasts fear, it’s worth noting that such disasters can be easily prevented with a proper wrapping technique. Through this guide's help and all the different points discussed above, you can have safer and more fulfilling vaping experiences in no time so that you don’t put yourself at risk during any hit!

Do you want to stock up on all your vaping needs with the best quality supplies and goods available in the UK? Check out our wide selection of products ranging from Superhero battery wraps to custom coils and place your order today!

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