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3 Reasons Your E-Juice Can Damage Your Coils

3 Reasons Your E-Juice Can Damage Your Coils

3 Reasons Your E-Juice Can Damage Your Coils

Nothing hits better than vaping with a freshly made coil and clean wick. No more muddy flavours; loading new coils means you can enjoy all the nuances your e-juice offers, plus it feels smooth to the throat too! However, all the excitement can quickly die down when you notice the coils burning out faster than intended. 

A new coil should offer you a refreshing vaping experience for one to two weeks. From failing to prime the cotton and creating hotspots to setting the vape device with incompatible output levels, there are plenty of culprits that cause your coils to die out prematurely.

But when you know for sure you did all the right prerequisites when replacing the coils, then the problem likely points to your e-juice as the primary suspect. But how can your e-liquid sabotage the health and lifespan of your coils?

Factor #1: Vape Juice Contains Too Much Sugar 

Many e-juices satisfy sweet tooths since most flavour profiles delve into desserts like fruity blends such as Vapin Loud’s Grape Vape, Strawberry Whip, or Watermelon Chill. Vapers can also dig into confectionary treats with Candy Punch, Key Lime Cookie, and other sugary delights, but all the candied flavours can take a toll on your coils. 

All the sweeteners can hurt your coils in the long run since all the sugars can become resinous when exposed to high temperatures. So the higher the wattage, the stickier the build-up will be if you’re vaping sweet e-liquids. 

Factor #2: Vape Juice With High VG Content 

High amounts of vegetable glycerin (VG) can create smoother hits with a satisfying, thicker mouthfeel, but it can also kill your coils sooner since it forces them to overwork since the denser ingredient won’t be as easy to evaporate compared to propylene glycol (PG). Combined with a higher resistance level, e-liquids with too much VG content can tire your coils out and sustain wear-and-tear faster. 

Factor #3: Vape Juice with High PG Content 

Balance is the key if you want to maximise the life of your new coils, so similarly, vaping e-liquids with high amounts of PG can also wear them out. But instead of having problems with the thickness, the thin liquid from PG can evaporate quickly and cause your coil to burn out, resulting in dryer hits. 

The Bottom Line: Preventing Your E-Juice From Sabotaging the Quality and Lifespan of Your Vape Coils 

The quality of your vape’s coils matters more than meets the eye since it creates a smoother vaping experience, allowing you to rip bigger clouds without draining the battery life since the coils can also increase its efficiency.

In that regard, it helps to understand different factors that can compromise your coil’s lifespan so you can take better care of your vape moving forward. 

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