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5 Easy Vape Tricks That You Can Do to Impress Your Friends

5 Easy Vape Tricks That You Can Do to Impress Your Friends

5 Easy Vape Tricks That You Can Do to Impress Your Friends

In recent years, vaping has become immensely popular among smokers all over the world. People vape for numerous reasons. Some people vape as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and marijuana, seeing as vaping has been proven to be less harmful. Others prefer vaping for entertainment purposes, particularly because you can perform all sorts of tricks with a vape. This guide will tell you about a few of the easiest vape tricks that you can practice to show all your friends!

1. Ghost Inhale
One of the easiest tricks is the Ghost Inhale, also known as the mushroom cloud. This trick is something that just about anyone can do, making it perfect for beginners. The Ghost Inhale is where you blow a cloud of smoke out and then suck it back in.

To do the Ghost Inhale trick, take a long mouth-to-lung (MTL) drag and let it linger in your mouth for a few seconds, then blow the vapor out in a ball shape. The trick here is to form your lips in an O-shape while blowing, then closing it right away.

2. The Dragon
If you master the Dragon trick, you can be sure that your audience will be impressed. The reason why it calls the Dragon is that the vapor comes out of your nose and corners of the lips, resembling a menacing dragon.

This trick is pretty simple and straightforward. To perform this trick, inhale from your vaporizer, then use force to push the vapor through your nose and through both corners of your mouth. Be sure to keep the middle of your lips tightly closed so that the vapor comes out cleanly from the corners of your mouth.

3. Vapor Bubble

The Vapor Bubble trick is one of the most fun vape tricks to try! It is when you make a bubble by trapping your vapor inside a bubble. The final results of this trick is sure to impress your buddies.

The first step is to cut the bottom of a plastic bottle. Mix hand soap and water together in a shallow container, then dip the bottom of your plastic bottle into the mixture. Exhale your vapor and blow in the mouthpiece to create a vape-filled bubble.

4. The Waterfall

The waterfall trick is very simple. It is when you turn vape into a beautiful waterfall that flows down from the container such as a bottle or jar.

All you need to achieve the Waterfall vape trick is a chosen container with frozen water on the bottom. After you take a drag, blow it straight into the bottle and simply flip the container over to pour it out - slowly.

5. Tornado

When done right, the Tornado trick is one of the most fascinating tricks of all! This trick involves creating a shallow pool of vapor that becomes the shape of a tornado.

Exhale your vapor on a flat surface, such as a table, and make sure that the smoke is thick enough. Then, use your hands to chop and quickly flick the vapor upward in a swift motion. Raise your arm and rotate it so that the smoke can twist and form a spiral shape.

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