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5 Tips for Getting Into Competitive Vaping and Cloud Chasing

5 Tips for Getting Into Competitive Vaping and Cloud Chasing

5 Tips for Getting Into Competitive Vaping and Cloud Chasing

Vaping has changed the world by introducing a fun and interesting new hobby—even catching the attention of those who usually prefer cigarettes. It has become so pervasive that an entire subculture has sprung up around it. To the joy of vape shops all over the world, more and more vapers are popping up every day. 

One curious phenomenon that has evolved from the hobby is competitive vaping and vape cloud competitions. 

Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is the name for the new sport that has erupted from the vape community. With all the advances in rigs, mods, and atomisers, the capacity of devices to produce a cloud has increased by leaps and bounds as well. 

All vapers, whether they prefer a smaller cloud or a larger cloud, know the enjoyment of watching the complicated fluid dynamics of vapour cloud chasing. This has created a new set of skills over which vapers of all experience levels like to compete in. The wonderful thing about this is any person with a decent supply of goods and juices from a vape shop can practise these skills. 

If you’re looking to compete in vaping, read on. Here are some tips to get better at competitive Cloud Chasing:

1. Higher VG, Lower PG

More often than not, competitions centre around a specific brand of e-juice to keep things fair. If you are, however, given the chance to choose your e-liquid, make sure that you choose one with a very high VG concentration and little to no PG. This will result in a thicker and fuller cloud. 

2. High wattage mods

Mods that are highly conductive—such as copper mechanical builds—are better suited for creating massive clouds. The high voltage creates better cloud production, after all. However, it’s important to remember that more voltage means more power demands, which also means that you’ll need plenty of charge in your batteries. 

3. Choose the right vape

You will likely have to push a device to its very limits. As such, it is important to choose a device with the capacity to take what you are about to give. It is also strongly recommended never to modify your device outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations, as this can have unsafe consequences. 

4. Master your breathing technique

The most powerful weapon you have in a vape competition is your lungs. Proper breathing techniques must be applied if you are hoping to win. Before you inhale from your vape, all the air in your lungs must be exhaled first. You must also make sure to inhale and exhale from your diaphragm to make sure your full lung capacity is in use. 

These are things you must be able to do on command without coughing or stopping, so it will help to do lung exercises before the competition. 

5. Practice your vape tricks 

Begin with the basics, and go into more advanced techniques as you get better and better. Look online for videos from the most amazing Cloud Chasers to see if you can recreate or even make improved versions of their tricks. Once you are able to call on these skills on command, you should be able to compete and compete well.

Final thoughts

There is no end to the human capacity to compete. Vaping, as it seems, is not exempt from this rule. With time and practice, however, you could create beautiful and artistic shapes from your vape smoke. Whether this is for a competition or just because you want to improve it is up to you.

If you are looking for a vape shop in Wellington to help develop your skills for a competition, send us at Vapin Loud a message. We have a wide range of products and e-juices for vapers of all experience levels.

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