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Nicotine Explained

Nicotine Explained

Nicotine Explained

Whenever it’s summer, vapers know that they have to adapt to the warmer climate—not just by changing the clothes they wear, but also by switching the e-liquids they use on their mods. If you’re used to smoking intense flavours, you can opt to substitute them with refreshing juices to help you survive the hot days.


Besides that, the e-juice you use shouldn’t be exposed in the sun for too long, as the high temperatures can cause your e-cigarette to overheat—especially if you’re using nicotine salt. Salt-based nicotine is a specific compound that can’t survive in extreme temperatures.


Keep reading below to find out more information about nic salts, what makes it unique, and how it’s affected by heat.


Freebase Nicotine vs Salt-Based Nicotine


Longtime vapers are already accustomed to freebase nicotine, which used to be the only kind of nicotine before salt-based nicotine was introduced in the market. It is added to e-juices that work on high-wattage vape devices to prevent you from having a hard time inhaling clouds of smoke.


Unfortunately, freebased nicotine isn’t too reliable, mainly because when used in high settings, you will feel discomfort in your throat. Fortunately, when nic salts were discovered, people enjoyed vaping better because they didn’t feel irritation despite smoking in higher concentrations.


That’s because salt-based nicotine is fused with benzoic acid—thus allowing a vaper to smoke it in lower wattages. And since e-liquids with nic salts only work with low-wattage mods, it’s crucial to keep your device from overheating!


The Effects of Extreme Heat to Nicotine Salt


If you’re using a salt-based nicotine for your vape device, you should take the proper measures to keep your e-cigarette from getting too hot or else you can expect it to serve you no purpose. That’s because once nic salts come into contact with extreme heat, they break down on the molecular level.


That explains the reason behind the incompatibility of nicotine salt with box mods that used to be a popular form of vape due to its customisable properties. It uses various batteries, atomisers, and tanks and tends to be more prominent than other devices.


Moreover, utilising a salt-based nicotine e-liquid that undergoes high temperatures will not only cause your throat to feel a burning sensation, but you will also taste a burnt flavour. As a result, your vaping experience won’t be as enjoyable as you would expect!


Factors That Can Cause Nicotine Salt to Overheat


Vape Settings


Salt-based nicotine e-juices are known to work well with pod mod devices due to their low wattage properties that work to maintain the excellent condition of nic salts. The device ensures to keep a stable low temperature to prevent your e-liquid from overheating.


But if you were to use a sub-ohm tank on a box mod device with your salt nic vape juice, you can expect your e-liquid to be ruined because of the device’s high output levels. Not only do you destroy the salt-based nicotine’s properties, but you end up wasting your money too.


Besides, if you own a pod mod device that allows you to control the temperature, you can use nic salt e-liquid so long as you ensure to maintain a steady temperature. Failure to do so will lead you to burn your nicotine salts and render your e-juice useless. 




You can expect the change in the weather to affect your vape device, especially your salt-based nicotine e-liquids. Storing them in a place that’s too hot can cause unwanted changes to your e-juice, especially during the summer when the heat is at an all-time high.


If you end up leaving your nic salts on your patio or inside your car that’s parked under the sun, the extreme temperatures can cause the nicotine to break down even before you use them. Light and heat can affect the molecular properties of e-liquid, which isn’t suitable for nicotine salt.




To ensure you get the best results out of your salt-based e-juices, learn to store them safely in a cool location where there’s no sun or source of light. If you’re sticking to nic salts, you should also use a pod mod and apply the proper settings to avoid instances of overheating. If you want a great vaping experience, take care of your device and keep it away from heat and light at all times.


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