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Vape Mods or Vape Pods: Which Is Better?

Vape Mods or Vape Pods: Which Is Better?

Vape Mods or Vape Pods: Which Is Better?

The world of vapes has evolved significantly in the past years. What used to be gigantic boxes with various components are now also available in sleek designs that fit in the pocket comfortably. The UK’s cigarette prices are rising to exorbitant rates, which is making vape shops in London all the craze. 

Vaping is popular because of all the available flavours and different systems that fit each person’s individual needs and wants. New users might be overwhelmed by all the devices and juice types available in the market, which is why it pays to know the difference between vape mods and pod kits. Here is your short guide to choosing the right vape system for your preferences:

Mod Kits

Mod kits are the traditional vapes you see that have a box, a large battery, and other components that make it work. They typically come with stronger wattages that allow more substantial and more robust vapour clouds. Some even have controllable wattage settings, enabling people to find the right strength settings for their tastes. These are also most cost-effective, as e-liquids are cheap enough to buy, and last quite long for most users. You’ll just have to factor in the initial starting cost of purchasing a mod kit, as these can be quite expensive to start. 

One component that is essential in its use is the tank, which includes the coil and cotton that allows it to produce the vapour. Tanks come in various sizes and types, which is where the e-liquids are stored safely. A downside to owning a mod kit is that there is more maintenance that needs to be done. After a few weeks, you might need to replace the cotton and coils, which can be time-consuming and difficult for beginner vapers. 

Some people might also dislike the need to carry around a chunky vape mod, as these can be heavy with the body’s metal construction and the need to bring a big e-liquid bottle around. Those who carry around a backpack or bag might not find this to be a problem, but general use can be less sleek and streamlined because of the bulky nature of the mods. Buying a carrying case it typically a must as well, as tanks can often contain glass that can shatter if it hits anything. 

Vape Pod Kits

You’ve likely seen the memes about the JUUL and JUUL Pods being all the craze for underage vapers. While this is irritating for the vaping community due to the difficulties in obtaining pods because of irresponsibilities, these are excellent devices for multiple reasons. 

First off, they are very aesthetically pleasing. Bringing this around looks sleek and classy compared to lugging around a box mod that looks bulky and awkward. These units also fit in all pockets and are safe from spills and leaks in most cases as long as you use the proper pods. Vape pod kits aren’t exactly the same as e-cigs, as they carry more power, but are less of a hassle than having a whole mod kit. They also have a good selection of base flavours, and you can even purchase some refillable pods to save on costs on purchasing costly pod kits. However, it is notable that they have a smaller battery, which means you’ll be charging them frequently as this battery isn’t always swappable. 

Secondly, they have potent nicotine content, which makes hitting these an intense experience. Many experience light-headedness when using vape pod kits, which makes them vape less. This potency is excellent for those trying to curb their smoking habits, as a few hits from products like JUUL Pods can definitely send a rush to the head. 

Lastly, they have almost no maintenance requirements; all you need to do is pull the pod out and throw it out when finished. Placing a new one is easy, and you can use any flavour afterwards without the previous one affecting that of the current pod. 

Choosing the Right One

It all boils down to personal preferences. Many people who like large clouds and the feeling of taking big hits might benefit from mod kits. Additionally, e-liquids for mods are much cheaper and have a more comprehensive selection of various flavours, which makes it less likely for people to grow tired of vaping. However, those looking for a sleek design that is portable and easy to access wherever they are might want a vape pod kit for the aesthetics and hassle-free use. 


The world of vapes is incredible, and those who are trying to quit smoking have an easier time nowadays compared to before. There are countless options, and each has its own benefits and issues. Overall, the decision rests on the person’s preferences, so trying out each will give a good picture on some the different quirks. 

If you find yourself seeking the best vape shop in London, Vapin Loud in Eltham carries a fine selection of e-liquids and vape units to suit the needs of the avid enthusiast. Whether you are a regular smoker trying to quit or new to the scene, you may want to browse our catalogue today and discover the amazing world of vaping. 

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