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A 2-Step Guide to Preserving Your Vape Juices - What to Know

A 2-Step Guide to Preserving Your Vape Juices - What to Know

A 2-Step Guide to Preserving Your Vape Juices - What to Know

For most vapers, one of the most important resources that they’ll ever get their hands on is the bottle of vape juices they have tried, enjoyed, and acquired over the years. 


Regardless of whether you’re in a mood for something sweet, savoury, or minty, it’s safe to say that having a wide variety of e-juices can help satisfy your cravings right away. If you’ve been vaping for a while now, chances are that you have a few bottles of vape juice that are worth taking a hit with time and time again. 


As fun as it may be to have a sizeable collection of vape juices, here’s one question that you should ask yourself: are you preserving your extra bottles of vape juice properly? 

The importance of proper vape juice care

One of the most important factors to consider when keeping vape juices for your enjoyment is that they have to be stored in the right manner. Similar to how cigars are stored in humidifiers and special tube cases, your flavours of choice need to be preserved and protected properly so that you can maintain their flavour and chemical integrity.


One important care fact worth considering is that e-juice does not exactly spoil like milk or meat, but it still has a certain period wherein it is best consumed and enjoyed. For most types of vape juice, the recommended consumption spans up to a year from purchase, but a bottle’s flavour will last much longer with the right care practices!

If you’ve amassed a collection of flavours that you’d like to enjoy for much longer in the future, here are two care tips worth considering: 


1. Avoid direct heat 


Generally, one of the biggest threats to your vape juice’s condition is excessive amounts of direct heat that it gets from direct sunlight or other heat sources. Know that the flavours in your bottles are likely to expire when exposed to greater amounts of heat because it causes chemical breakdowns within the liquid itself. As a result, you will notice significant changes in its overall taste. If you want to keep your bottles of juice as fresh as possible once you drip them into your tank, then it’s ideal to stock your bottles in a cupboard or your fridge for proper preservation. 


2. Keep your bottles closed 


Another significant factor that can greatly affect the overall taste and quality of your juices is air exposure. Know that the chemical composition of the liquid itself is highly-sensitive and easily reacts with oxygen. When your bottles are left open for long periods, the oxygen in the air ends up reacting with the nicotine in the juice and produces cotinine. The best way to keep your nicotine intake in check and have more enjoyable puff sessions is to close the lid on your bottle and keep air out as much as possible! 




Preserving your vape juices for a long time is a simple yet essential process that can help make your experiences with all the flavours much more enjoyable. With the two steps mentioned above, you can keep your bottles of liquids in perfect shape for enjoyable sessions all year long! 


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Mark Cthulu Walton - May 18, 2023


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