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Here's Why Your Salt-Nic E-Liquid Tastes Different

Here's Why Your Salt-Nic E-Liquid Tastes Different

For many vapers, salt-based e-liquids are a “revolutionary development” in the vaping world because of the more refined approach they take towards delivering different flavours.

As opposed to the past where highly-synthetic juices that barely got any excellent burns were the norm, salt-nic e-liquids offer a multi-dimensional vaping experience that allows vapers to taste new flavours. If you are particular about the flavour of your juice, then you might have a few dozen bottles of salt-based vape juice as well.

During the past few weeks, you’ve probably been hitting your vape quite hard because of how delicious the flavour notes are from your bottles of salt-nic liquid. Over time, however, you’ll notice that the same flavours that you get out of your juice are no longer the same as expected. 

Yes, we’re talking about the sudden change in flavour in your liquid that’s become a complete opposite of what it once was. 

For instance, you’ve got a sour salt-nic e-liquid that suddenly turns into something that’s overly-sweet or a minty or mentholated flavour that’s now earthy to a certain extent – a clear change in taste. You might think that all the vaping is getting to your taste buds, but you aren’t just imagining things because salt-nic e-liquids tend to change flavours at times because of their salt content. 

What causes the sudden change?

Admittedly, the experience of having your salt-based e-liquid suddenly change in flavour is something that’s understandably concerning. Fret not; there are some common explanations for why your e-liquid is going through a “flavour metamorphosis”:

Cause #1: Your pod cartridge hasn’t been cleaned out

One of the most common reasons salt-based e-liquids change their flavours from what’s expected of them is that an uncleaned pod cartridge is getting in the way.

If you have been lazy to thoroughly clean out your pod cartridge lately, the chances are that you’re already experiencing the flavour metamorphosis in question. When leftover salt-based e-liquid gets in the way, its trace amounts can impact the overall taste of a new batch of liquid, causing a negative shift in flavour as a result.

Cause #2: The juice is separated

Another common cause for changing flavours in salt-based e-juice bottles is an expected separation in materials that comes with leaving a bottle stagnant for long periods.

Although salt-nic juices are quite dense as they are, they’re still composed of multiple ingredients that contain various flavouring extracts that creates a unique density which tends to separate. If you leave the bottle upright for a long time or let your juice stay in the cartridge for a few days, then the ingredients are bound to separate.

To avoid this problem, all you’ll need to do is give your bottle of salt-based e-juice a fair shake so that everything’s nice and homogenous. Conversely, if you’ve got a batch of separated salt-based e-liquid in your tank or cartridge, you’ll need to give it a little shake or empty it! 


Dealing with a troubling flavour change in your salt-based e-liquid might throw you off at first, but it’s best to understand that there are a few explanations that will help clear everything up. Whether it’s a dirty cartridge or a separated batch of liquid, you won’t need much to put everything together so that you can get back to enjoying your juices in no time! 

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