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Creating a Vape Starter Kit for the Transitioning Smoker

Cigarette smoking in the United Kingdom isn’t as prevalent as it used to be years ago. Nowadays, a pack costs exorbitant amounts of money, which quickly leaves heavy smokers penniless. Many people love to fulfil their nicotine fix, but cigarettes’ prices are just too high to sustain this unhealthy habit. The solution is to find alternatives, so many smokers turn to vaping to transition from cigarettes. 

In the UK, a vape shop in Welling likely has various options for you to choose from if you plan to make the switch to a healthier alternative. However, the world of vape products can be difficult to traverse with all the different terminologies, components, and e-liquid types available. If you are a novice at vape products, here is Vapin Loud’s guide to setting up your perfect starter kit:

Customisability of a Starter Kit

Your starter kit will depend on the needs and wants of the experience. If you’re looking for a low-key option to get a nicotine fix, pod-based vape devices can help get a good experience. However, those who want to quit nicotine and smoking can build a whole box mod, which is customisable and can take in various e-liquids. There are pros and cons of each, but today’s discussion is on building a starter box mod kit. 

What Can You Find In a Starter Kit?

Starter kits are complete setups that allow users to vape without worrying about much. These kits include various components that have different brands available on the market. It typically consists of a mod, an atomiser or tank, a metal coil, and a good battery. Lastly, you’ll have the liberty to choose what e-liquids you want to use, as this is entirely up to user preference. 

The Mod

One of the highest-selling base kits is the GEEKVAPE Aegis Legend mod in the UK. The Legend variant can either come with a Zeus Tank or just the box mod itself if you feel like choosing your entire set. This product is a good starter mod with a sleek design and a full power output of up to 200 watts. It has an aluminium build with silicone grips to ensure that it doesn’t slip out of your hand when using it. If you’re looking for an easier to carry mod, pen-type variants exist and fit in your pocket or bag with comfort. 

The Atomiser or Tank

Vapin Loud recommends that those who invest in a starter kit should buy a rebuildable tank. You don’t need to keep buying new ones with a rebuildable variant after the coil and cotton have burnt through. Vapes still require some maintenance and care, but a rebuildable one can save you a lot of money if you learn how to swap out coils and cotton yourself. One of the top-selling tanks is the GEEKVAPE ZEUS X RTA, which comes in various colours to match your mod build. If you’re still not confident in rebuilding your atomiser or tank, you can always visit your local vape shop in Welling to have the technicians do the work. 

Good Quality Coils and Cotton

Your coil build will be responsible for your vape clouds’ quality, which is why you’ll want good quality metal coils. These metal components heat the vape juices absorbed by the cotton and give off various flavours. GEEKVAPE Supermesh X2 Coils are a top option to use with your GEEKVAPE build. 


There is a broader range of e-liquid flavours available for starter kits than pod vapes like JUUL pods. You’ll also find plenty of non-nicotine juices that taste incredible, but if you want nicotine in the mix, try Nicotize to add some if you feel the need. Whether you plan to quit or transition to a healthier alternative, vape products make this all possible. 


Vaping in the UK is gaining traction because it’s healthier, more affordable, and accessible. It is easy to start your vape journey if you buy an easy to use starter kit, and this will open your horizons to new products that you’ll end up loving. Remember, vape responsibly!

If you find yourself seeking the best vape shop in Welling, Vapin Loud carries a fine selection of e-liquids and vape units to suit the avid enthusiast’s needs. Whether you are a regular smoker trying to quit or new to the scene, you may want to browse our catalogue today and discover the amazing world of vaping. 

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