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A Beginner's Guide to Stealth Vaping

A Beginner's Guide to Stealth Vaping

A Beginner's Guide to Stealth Vaping

Many people enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapour or doing vape tricks when they smoke. However, not every vaper wishes to draw as much attention to themselves as possible. There is another group of vapers who like to indulge themselves discreetly. For some, it’s just a matter of wanting to keep it to themselves.

However, that is not always the case. Although vaping has gone mainstream quite some time ago, there are still some areas that do not allow you to vape. Some areas restrict the use of vaping or make it illegal. These are the primary reasons that some people need to be invisible when they vape. Vaping discreetly is also called stealth vaping.

To avoid being given the death stare in public, you need to find a way to vape in peace. Here is a beginner’s guide to stealth vaping:

Avoid acting suspiciously

It is normal for humans to act suspiciously when they are trying to hide something. However, it’s what will give you away. The key to stealth vaping is not to draw any attention to yourself. If you are nervous, take a few minutes to calm down before you vape.

This is because you might choke on the vapour or call attention to yourself by acting strange. It is crucial to act as if nothing is happening. Sure, you may get a few glances, but you will have to ignore everyone else and act like nothing of significance is going on. The truth is that this isn’t easy to do if you have never done it before. Once you practice it repeatedly, however, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Choose the right device

There are various devices for vaping available for you to use. Each one is designed for a specific use. If you’re looking to vape stealthily, it is crucial to stay away from sub-ohm mods. This type of vaping device produces bigger clouds of Vape. They also create more noise compared to other devices. The best devices for stealth vaping are those with pod mod systems. They are specifically designed for people who want to keep things discreet.

Get the right vape juice flavours

As you probably know, vaping usually releases an aroma of fruity scents into the air. Even to non-vapers, the scents can be pleasant to breathe in. The flavours are vast, ranging from orange to candy scents. Although you may like the sweet flavours, the best one for stealth vaping is menthol.

This option gives off a scent that will blend well in the air so that nobody will notice. If you smoke a bubblegum flavour, there is no way that people will not smell the vapour. It is recommended for you to opt for vape juice flavours that are not too aromatic. Other good juice flavours include citruses and creams.

Hold the vapour in longer

If you don’t want a lot of Vape coming out, the trick is to hold it in a little longer before you exhale. This is a great way to minimize the amount of vapour you release into the air. The longer you hold it in, the less smoke will come out as you exhale. You will become significantly less noticeable when vaping with this trick!

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