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Vape Gear Products That Every Vaper Must Have in Their Collection - Our Guide

Vape Gear Products That Every Vaper Must Have in Their Collection - Our Guide

Vape Gear Products That Every Vaper Must Have in Their Collection - Our Guide

The e-liquid is said to be the heartbeat of a vape. Without the e-liquid, you won’t be able to puff to your heart’s content.

The question is, when does e-liquid expire? Let’s take a look at a scenario. Perhaps you have found one of your favourite e-liquid bottles under the bed. Happily, you poured some into your vape and prepared to take a puff, only to notice an offensive smell passing through your nostrils. If you already took a puff, perhaps you might have tasted a spoiled flavour on your tongue. These things may indicate that your vape e-liquid might have already expired.

In such cases, you have to think twice whether to consume or to refill your vape with a new e-liquid. Not only will the smell get less inviting, but it might also be a little bit unsafe. Chances are that one of the reasons why you have opted to vape instead of smoke is to be slightly more health-conscious. If this is so, the whole purpose is defeated if you aren’t wary of what you put into your body anyway and continue to consume it, unmindful of the fact that it has already expired.

Thus, it’s important that we are always aware of the vape’s expiration date and its shelf-life. Here are some pieces of information that you may need to know with regard to the lifespan of vape e-liquids:

Vape’s Expiration Date

Just like any other product out there in the market, e-liquids have an expiration date printed on the bottle. Therefore, you shouldn’t find it too much of a problem to figure when your e-liquid vape will expire.

That being said, it is worthy to note that there are no federal laws in place that require a standard expiration date. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that this information is “entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.” Albeit this fact, the FDA stresses that consumables must be “wholesome and fit for consumption.”

This implies that you cannot fully rely on the expiration date, although manufacturers will be held legally responsible if the product becomes rather dangerous. Therefore, regardless of the date printed on the label, the manufacturer is only liable when e-liquid poses a potential health risk.

That being said, the vape’s expiration date only serves as an indicator of the product’s quality rather than its safety. This means that when an e-liquid expires, the quality of the product has already diminished in time. Yet, vape consumers should not be complacent at all; health should constantly be a top priority.

E-liquid Shelf Life

The good thing about e-liquid in vape is that it has a stable shelf life. This means that a long time will pass before it goes bad. Typically, a vape liquid lasts for one to two years under normal conditions.

However, you cannot expect that vape e-liquid will last within that period of time, particularly if it is not stored correctly under normal conditions. The expiration date is merely an estimate. However, it doesn’t necessarily equate to the quality of the product, which might diminish in time.

If your e-liquid no longer tastes as good as when you first bought it, it is because nicotine diminishes. The texture and ‘mouth feel’ of the e-liquid may shift after a long time. Hence, the flavour may fade.

Despite the diminished flavour, the e-liquid is not necessarily unsafe. The main ingredients of e-liquid such as Nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) have a shelf life of about two years.

Wrapped Up    

Now that we’ve established the expiration date of a vape’s e-liquid and what it means in terms of quality and safety, it’s clear that we must become responsible consumers. Here are signs that you might be wary of your e-liquid content:

  • E-liquid starts to separate or becomes solid.

  • E-liquid starts to gel together.

  • E-liquid has an offensive smell or taste.

Regardless of the expiration date, in such cases, it’s best to ensure that your e-liquid gets replaced and your vape gets cleaned and refilled with fresh liquid.

If you’re looking to buy vaping products, Vapin Loud is your best option. Contact us today if you have any questions about vaping!

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