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Avoid Embarrassment From a Leaking Vape Tank With These 5 Tips

Avoid Embarrassment From a Leaking Vape Tank With These 5 Tips

Avoid Embarrassment From a Leaking Vape Tank With These 5 Tips

Imagine this: You are presenting to your bosses and feel wet liquid in your trousers. You realise it’s the juice from your vape tank leaking, but they all look at you like you soiled yourself.

You don’t have time to explain, and the embarrassment takes over you. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, but your presentation is already ruined. 

You don’t have any extra trousers either because who brings that? You stress over the situation and scramble to find ways to fix it. 

But this is unnecessary misery on your part and all those people whose vape tank leaked while they were in the middle of something important. 

To save yourself from this kind of embarrassment, we’ve gathered ways you can prevent this situation and carry on with your life.

Refill the tank with extra care to avoid spills.

This good ol’ technique is at the top of our list because it is only good sense. However, many overlook the importance of this step and fill vape tanks in the clumsiest ways. 

A lot of leaking accidents happen because of a lack of attention to this process. To prevent it, beware of critical mistakes that can lead to embarrassment like what we narrated above.

Do not let the vape juice pour onto the central tube. 

Whatever or however you refill your tank, do not at any cost let the e-liquid pour onto the central tube. That is the part that runs from the mouthpiece to the coil. 

Getting vape juice in that area leaves it no choice but to leak. So it is good practice to ensure that this area is dry at all times.  

Do not fill the vape tank to the brim. 

We know you want to save time, keep your vape tank full as much as possible, and prevent the juice from splashing inside the tank. We’re sorry, but this is just poor practice. 

Leaving extra room at the top helps create a vacuum when you put the e-cigarette back in its place. The pressure this makes tightly holds the liquid in the chamber. 

Do not over-tighten to prevent damage to the O-rings. 

Over-tightening the O-rings or the rubber pieces that stiffen the seals on your vape can damage them. A broken O-ring would create small spaces in between the seals, allowing the e-liquid to leak.

It would also help to check the quality of your O-rings before you reattach the components. You can find them at the coil head and the base of the tank. If necessary, replace them and use the proper tools to remove them lest they break. 

Use the correct coil for your vape juice.

Replacing the coil for every e-liquid type you put on your vape tank is also crucial. You might have heard the coil called the atomizer or the atomizer head. The atomizer heats the juice to transform it into vapor, while the atomizer head is the coil of thin wire and wicking material. 

There are two vape coils: high and low resistance. The former has an electrical resistance over 1 ohm, while the latter pulls under 1 ohm. The electrical resistance referred to here is how long the atomizer head turns the juice into vapor. Ensure that you use the correct one when replacing the coil.

One Last Tip

Considering that vaping is one of your hobbies, it is essential that you take care of it. Always check your vape tank for any damages that could lead to a leak and an embarrassing moment.

If it does leak, you must clean it thoroughly before fixing it. Even if you found the damage, some remaining juice could still leak if you overlook the cleaning part. 

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