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Common Signs of a Bad E-Juice That Will Make You Gag

Common Signs of a Bad E-Juice That Will Make You Gag

Common Signs of a Bad E-Juice That Will Make You Gag

Whether you like it fruity, pastry, or menthol, there’s no denying that your e-juice flavour is what keeps you engaged in vaping and staying away from cigarettes. One of the greatest things about vaping is having a variety of flavour options. That said, it’s not uncommon to encounter that one juice that doesn’t suit your taste buds. If you’re unlucky, you might purchase a disgusting flavour that makes you gag.

For this reason, you want to try avoiding these kinds of e-juice, and you can do so by observing some factors. Below are the common signs that the e-juice is unpalatable:

1. The e-juice smells weird and bad

The first sign that a vape juice is not up to snuff is that it smells weird. While there are e-juices that are deliberately weirdly flavoured, a bad-smelling flavour will most likely signify that it’s a low-quality product. Subsequently, these types of e-juices will not produce a palatable taste, as well as a good volume of vapour. 

Before buying an e-juice, make sure that you try to smell the product. A little sniff can go a long way when it comes to securing a good quality product.

2. There’s weird floating stuff inside

Another indication that the juice is bad for your taste is that there is stuff inside the bottle. Commonly, this sign is due to the ingredients of the juice breaking down, especially if left unconsumed for a very long time. While vape juice doesn’t go bad and becomes toxic, it can break down and lose quality, even for premium juices.

Additionally, having something floating inside your vape juice is never a good indication, especially if the product is fairly new. It might be because of oxidation, or the floating stuff could also be foreign material that wasn’t intended to be put there in the first place. Not only does this mean that the manufacturing process is hasty, but it also likely says that the juice will taste disgusting.

3. Cheap juice tastes bad

While this sounds like a no-brainer, you know your juice is bad if it’s unpalatable. Sure, that can be what the manufacturer intended, but the chances are high that the e-juice has also gone bad. Vaping juice that doesn’t taste good is also not practical. For one, you’re not going to have a good vaping experience. Next, bad juice can potentially damage your device.

Low-quality products are often cheap. Although not all cheap and affordable e-juices are inherently disgusting, a vast majority of such recklessly manufactured products do have a bad flavour due to various reasons. 

Additionally, these products can gunk the coils of your atomizer as well as corrode the tank. When this happens, your coils and your atomizer will degrade over time and eventually be rendered useless. As such, you need to avoid vaping cheap quality juices. By staying away from them, you’re not only saving yourself from a revolting experience, but you’re also keeping your device’s health in check.


Bad juice is bad for vapers because it ruins the experience. By observing the signs above, you’re increasing the chances of staying away from disgusting flavours. It’s also important to keep in mind not to avoid skimping way too much on your vaping and only stick to good products. Doing so will not only prolong your device’s health, but you’re also getting the best vaping experience possible.

If high-quality products are what you’re looking for, Vapin’ Loud has them for you. Check out our wide selection of delicately manufactured e-juices. We recommend the Zeus Black Reloaded for vapers in Etham!

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