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The True Cause of Vape Liquid Discolouration

The True Cause of Vape Liquid Discolouration

The True Cause of Vape Liquid Discolouration

With the world turning to electronic smoking devices, such as vape units and electronic cigarettes, there has been an increased demand in flavoured vape juices. There are a variety of conflicting studies and opinions regarding the use of these devices, as well as fake news circulating about the true implications of using these products. Some believe that they are healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes and use them as a platform to quit the habit altogether, while others smoke them for the wide array of flavours.

Those who own vape units may have noticed that certain liquids turn dark or brown in colour after a certain period of time. This is a normal occurrence, as it entails the basic chemistry concept of reactions. Vape juices, or also known as e-liquids are made from some natural ingredients along with flavourings that keep people hooked. Here are some facts about your e-liquids changing in colour:

Oxidation Causes Chemicals to Mix and Turn Brown

Oxidation is when the multiple compounds of the juices mix with each other and cause a chemical reaction. In this case, the reaction is with nicotine, which when exposed to oxygen or light causes the change in colour. 

This is a very normal process, as they happen every day with some food products we eat and other common chemical combinations reacting with one another. More nicotine in the e-liquids causes a more prominent reaction, causing it to become even darker. 

You cannot Prevent this Process, but it May Be Slowed Down

Oxidation is an inevitable process, and if unused for too long, your liquids will definitely darken. To slow down the process, you can consider doing these steps:

  1. Store liquids in a cool, dark place

Light and heat causes the nicotine to react and therefore change colour. If possible, e-liquid manufacturers suggest storing products in the refrigerator to keep the chemicals away from light and heat that could destroy them. 

  1. Avoid agitating as much as possible

Shaking the bottle of your vape juice helps mix the flavours together, but agitation increases oxygen count, causing the liquid to become murky. 

  1. Don’t Mix and Match Liquids

It would not be a good idea to mix different juices together, even if they are of the same brand and flavour. This is because it is best to avoid contamination from the older stock to the newer bottle. Once the nicotine is oxidized from the previous bottle, it may affect fresher stocks, so be aware. 

Vape Juice Turns Brown Faster in Tanks


Oxidation is much faster inside your vape’s storage tank because of the exposure to more light and heat from the coils. Besides that, the biggest enemy you will have is vape juice infused with artificial sweeteners and sugars. Although these juices taste so much better than traditional smoking flavours, the heating elements of the coil vaporizes the liquid, and these sweeteners stick to coils and cotton. It is similar to making caramel, wherein the water molecules are evaporated, causing a gunky and dark liquid to take shape. The same happens with the vape coils heating sweetened juices, wherein the sticky parts of the liquid can affect the juice you put in. 

This can be prevented by avoiding extra sweetened e-liquids such as candy and soda flavoured ones and opting for tobacco, mint and other traditional flavours. Consulting your local vape products distributor will help you figure out the best liquid for you. 


Vapes are not just a fire and forget platform. They often require extra care and cleaning after heavy use and replacements of coils, cotton and perhaps eventual upgrades to newer tech. Be sure to take care of your vape’s condition for them to last you for a long period of time.

If you find yourself seeking the best vape shop in London, Vapin Loud in Eltham carries a fine selection of e-liquids and vape units to suit the needs of the avid enthusiast. Whether you are a regular smoker trying to quit or new to the scene, you may want to browse our catalogue today and discover the amazing world of vaping. 

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