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Everything That You Need to Know about Vape Pod Systems

Everything That You Need to Know about Vape Pod Systems

Everything That You Need to Know about Vape Pod Systems

The growing number of vape shops in London is indicative of how popular vaping has become over the years. While it originally started as an alternative to cigarettes, vaping has evolved into so much more than that. In fact, innovations in vaping technology continue to happen rapidly, and this has resulted in newer and better ways to vape.

Among the many popular devices that people use to vape today, one clearly stands above the rest. Vape pod systems offer vapers a great balance of analogy-style experience while providing them with the best of what modern vaping technology has to offer. This has resulted in a device that provides vapers with a user-friendly vape experience that is the epitome of convenience.

Given how popular these devices are, it’s surprising how few people really understand them. To help shed some light on the matter, we’ve prepared a brief discussion on everything that vapers need to know about vape pod systems.

The Basics

As the name suggests, vape pods are electronic cigarettes that work with pods. The vape pod consists of a battery that is attached to the pod that contains the e-liquid; these two parts combined make up the vape pod system. What’s impressive about this is that all the components that are required for vaping, other than the energy source, are contained within the pod itself. This makes vape pod systems one of the most portable and convenient ways to vape.

Now, one downside to vape pod systems is that they can only hold around 1 mL to 3 mL of e-juice. If you compare this to bigger vape tanks that hold up 6.5 mL or more, then the difference is definitely noticeable. With that being said, 1 mL to 3 mL should be able to hold up throughout the day, barring any extreme use.

Types of Vape Pod Systems

There are two main types of vape pod systems: open and closed system vape pods. Both of these two types come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Open system vape pods need to be manually refilled by the vaper. This offers them more flexibility and freedom when it comes to the type of e-juice that can be used with the device. These devices also provide bigger clouds if that’s an experience that you are looking for in a vape. The main drawback to this is that it can be quite tedious to have to refill and switch out juices all the time.

Closed system vape pods make use of pre-filled cartridges. This makes refilling and switching e-juices incredibly easy, as you’ll only need to pop the pods out and replace them with a new one. These types of vape pod systems also require little to no maintenance, making them a great budget option. The main drawback that vapers bring up when talking about closed systems is their weak draws and occasional spit back that causes the e-liquid to bounce off the coil instead of completely vaporising.


Hopefully, this discussion on vape pod systems has given you a better understanding of what makes these devices so popular. While seemingly simple, vape pod systems are truly one of the best inventions when it comes to improving the vaping experience as a whole. If you have yet to try using one, then give it a try right now!

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