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How to Steep E-Juice For Less - Our Guide

How to Steep E-Juice For Less - Our Guide

How to Steep E-Juice For Less - Our Guide

Steeping e-juice can make a great difference in your vaping experience. It’s commonly done by many vapers who wish to enhance their vaping experience and improve the taste of e-liquid.

If you are a vape user, chances are you’ve tried steeping and experienced how it improves the taste of your e-juice. Steeping will surely improve your overall vaping experience.

There are various ways to steep your e-juice. Some methods can be done quickly, but the slower methods are said to be more effective. In the next section, we will go into detail about the steeping process for e-juice. We will also tackle the most popular yet simplest steeping methods in use nowadays.

The Process of Steeping E-juice

The process of steeping has long been used for certain alcoholic beverages, tea, and even some food items. Steeping is supposed to extract all the nutrition and release more flavour. The process usually involves soaking something solid in liquid to soften the solid item or extract its flavour. 

When it comes to vape juice, the process of steeping entails ageing the e-juice in order to eliminate any alcohol and harsh tastes. The process involves mixing the VG/PG base, flavouring, and nicotine. The mixed juice is then oxidized to remove the alcohol. The oxidation process makes the liquid darker.

The Reason for Steeping

Steeping is actually not a compulsory process. But you should ask yourself why there’s a need to steep vape juice. The main purpose of steeping is to bring out the best flavour of your e-liquid. The process is all about enhancing the flavour and quality of your e-juice. 

If you bought commercially prepared e-juice, chances are the process of steeping begins the moment it was bottled and lasts until such time that you consume it. However, if your e-juice is homemade, you might want to steep it to ensure it won’t have a chemical taste. Steeping is the best solution if a flavour is too strong or too sweet. It will greatly mellow the juice’s flavour. 

The thing is, a craft movement is sweeping the globe as more and more people see the benefits of exploring taste and creativity. When you experiment with steeping, you will surely enjoy the nuances of your vape juice in a way you never thought possible!

Vape Juice Steeping Method

Now, it all boils down to the method of steeping the vape juice. How do you go about it? Simply put, the steeping process is comprised of three essential steps: heating the vape juice, shaking the juice to induce mixing, and exposing it to the air for oxidation. 

There are actually various methods to steep vape juice. However, the simplest approach involves storing the liquid in a cool, dark place for one to two weeks. Please be advised that you need to expose your vape juice to the air (for oxidation) and shake them constantly. These two steps are very important to the steeping process. You should not forget to do them.

Now, what happens during the steeping process is that the flavour gets reduced. The oxidation process eliminates the alcohol and harsh elements in the juice. The flavour then becomes rather concentrated. Therefore, from a dull tasting e-juice, your vape juice is now more flavorful, which will greatly enhance your overall vaping experience.

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