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Mad Hatter Juice Review: 3 Flavours Every Vaper Should Try

Mad Hatter Juice Review: 3 Flavours Every Vaper Should Try

Mad Hatter Juice Review: 3 Flavours Every Vaper Should Try

Part of the reason people can’t get enough of vaping is the numerous layers of customisation a vaping device can have. Besides replacing its components due to wear and tear, you can alter and improve its performance, depending on the accessories you buy. Beyond modifying your personal vaping build, you also have a wide library of e-liquids to choose from.

Mad Hatter Juice is among the most popular brands in the market today, and there’s a good chance you’ve encountered them in your first step into vaping. Their popularity and recognition have made them a household name in the industry. But is their appeal just all flash and no substance? Read on to find out.

Ranking What Mad Hatter Juice Can Offer

Like any product, it’s a great idea to get a general consensus on it before you buy it. Thankfully, the vaping community is far and wide the most accommodating group to look for. Since welcoming recruits is part of the culture, you’ll find that getting reviews on different vaping accessories is relatively easy. This is why you’ll have a great time finding opinions from newcomers and veterans, too!

In this article, we’ll review three of the more popular Mad Hatter Juice e-liquids.

1. I Love Donuts by Mad Hatter Juice

You can’t talk about Mad Hatter without mentioning the product that launched them into popularity. The I Love Donuts flavour combines a unique blend of blueberry, frosting, and powdered sugar to enhance its base doughnut flavour. This makes it the most potent blueberry-based e-liquid in the market, making it one of the staples on a vapers’ bucket list. Since this first product’s release, Mad Hatter has developed numerous other flavours that share their distinct craftsmanship for vaping concoctions.

2. I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter Juice

I Love Cookies is a fan favourite for many, especially since it has a little bit of everything for people with a sweet tooth. It has a unique selection of flavours, letting you taste the distinct note of browned flour and burned sugary, making the caramel, milk, and coconut really stand out. Even if this blend of sweetness isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be glad to know that Mad Hatter’s brand of creativity also has other ways of expressing itself.

3. I Love Popcorn by Mad Hatter Juice

One of the more complex juices to come from Mad Hatter’s product line, the I Love Popcorn e-liquid provides a crisp and savoury blend of its namesake flavour. Instead of adding sweets upon sweets, this flavour is a tribute to sweet popcorn blended with melted butter. It’s more flavourful than your typical kettle popcorn and gives you just the right amount of sweetness balanced by a creamy aftertaste.


Mad Hatter’s unique blend of products is sure to make you reconsider if you’ve been buying the right brand of products all this time. However, if the arrangement of flavours above isn’t to your liking, you can always browse the sea of options the vaping market can offer.

There’s a wide range of e-juice brands you can choose from, beyond the simple flavours the market can offer. Besides the typical fruit-infused e-liquids, you can look for brands similar to Mad Hatter that do more exciting things for your vaping experience. If you want to try them all, it’s best to look for a reliable vape shop that houses an expansive collection to buy your e-liquids from!

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