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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vape Batteries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vape Batteries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vape Batteries

Before you get your high-quality herbs and oils, the first thing you must do is to take care of your device, especially your battery. Your vape experience heavily relies on the performance of your battery!

The battery is one of the most crucial parts of a vaporiser, but unfortunately, it’s not given enough of the care and attention it needs. If you don’t want your device to hamper your vape experience next time, make sure to follow our battery care tips below:

  1. Turn Off the Device When Not In Use

Just because your device is on sleep mode doesn’t mean it’s no longer draining your battery. The handy firing button locks many devices have today may be convenient when you want to have a quick drag, but always leaving it on standby mode will shorten the life of your battery.

Whether you have a simple vaping kit or otherwise, make sure to always turn it off when you’re not using it, so you won’t end up having a non-functioning vape when you need it.

  1. Use the Batteries Regularly

Having a battery supply is convenient and saves you the trouble of waiting for a new batch to be delivered to your door, but stocking too many of them for a long time will impair their performance once you use them.

The internal cells of your vape battery are degrading, whether you use them or not. Storing batteries and letting them gather dust for a lengthy period of time only causes them to degrade faster, resulting in wasted money and a poor vape session. 

Make sure to use your battery in your vaping kit, so it doesn’t lose power and to store them in an area free of moisture where it won’t get dropped and damaged.

  1. Unplug Your Vaporizer Once Fully Charged

Contrary to what many think, keeping a full battery on charge isn’t going to make it last longer. In fact, charging the battery when you don’t have to only damages it and affects its performance.

Keep in mind that your battery only has a limited capacity, so it won’t be able to fit “extra charge” in. Just because you charge it for a few more hours than needed doesn’t mean it will have more power. Once your batter shows that it’s fully charged, unplug it and use it.

  1. Charge Before Storing

If you don’t plan on using your battery for a few weeks or longer, charge it first before storing it. Leaving a battery without charge could lead to internal structures breaking down.

A battery that’s not fully charged will slowly drain while not in use. The next time you use your battery, it will need to work harder to get to a full charge, decreasing its overall lifespan. In the end, you’ll need to replace it with a new one!

To ensure the health of your battery, make sure to charge it fully. Always take the battery out of the vaporiser if you have a removable one and place it in a dry case.

  1. Keep It Clean

Your vaporiser isn’t the only thing you should clean—its battery needs some loving, too! The occasional e-liquid spills can damage your battery when not cleaned properly. The battery even gets dirty by taking it out of your pocket and putting it in another one!

More dirt leads to a shorter lifespan. As batteries become dirtier, their connection to the vaporiser weakens. As a result, the battery will drain faster, and you’ll have to charge it more often than before.

Always clean your battery with a cotton swab, including the contact points with your device. Don’t wait for your batteries to get sticky and grimy before cleaning them!


Your vaporiser’s battery is crucial to your vape experience! As such, you must make sure to clean, charge, and store it correctly. As long as you keep our tips in mind and buy a high-quality battery from a trusted vape shop, you’ll be able to enjoy your vaping session every time without fail!

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