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Nicotine Salts: Our Basic Guide for Vapers

Nicotine Salts: Our Basic Guide for Vapers

Nicotine Salts: Our Basic Guide for Vapers

In today’s ever-growing vaping industry and its increasingly deeper body of knowledge, it’s not uncommon to hear about new terms and ideas as you continue to familiarise yourself with your set-up. 

While you’ve probably been rocking the same mod-atty-coil or mod-tank-wick configuration for quite a while now, there’s still so much to learn as you enjoy the wondrous world of hitting and puffing. Regardless if it’s about whether a mouth-to-lung vaping technique is better or which one of Vapin Loud’s newest products is worth stocking up on, there is so much to learn along the way.

When you begin to immerse yourself in the whole experience of vaping, there will be certain concepts and terms that will pique your interest more than anything else. Out of all the different terms, concepts, and items that you’re going to come across, here’s one particular idea that’s worth learning more about: nicotine salts.

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts (or nic salts) are a naturally-forming type of nicotine derived from a tobacco leaf. This particular property and origin has led many to believe that any juices containing these naturally occurring substances make them a fairly natural product—and rightfully so. 

When you consume this tobacco-derived product, your body takes in nicotine much faster and efficiently when it’s mixed into your favourite e-liquids. As a result, nic salt e-liquids are equipped or guaranteed to deliver a much more satiating experience in the long run with each hit that you take.

Why should you start using nic salt vape juices?

Today, nic salt vape juices stand out as one of the best options available in the vaping market because of how they add an entirely new dimension of character to the average bottle of e-liquid. To best understand why you should start using this type of liquid, let’s look at some of the most valuable advantages it provides: 

1. They make your ideal nicotine-contained vape juice much cheaper

When you opt for nic salt juices, not only do your body and taste buds benefit particularly well, but so does your bank account.

Although standard nicotine salt-infused options are priced higher by a quid or two than regular juices, you won’t have to take as many hits to fulfil your nicotine cravings. This simple tweak or change in your experience eventually leads to more savings in your pocket because they make it easier to conserve your juice, helping you to spend less each year!

2. They last much longer on the shelf

One of the most significant benefits that have been convincing vapers to make the switch to nicotine salt-filled vape juices is that they bear a heightened level of longevity. 

Compared to older e-liquids that last no more than a few months on the shelf, nic salt vape liquid can last for at least a year in storage, and even longer when you store them in optimal conditions. These liquids can last much longer and keep their flavours intact because they’re far more chemically stable, so the nicotine quality doesn’t fade over time!

3. They take effect much faster

If there’s anything you need to know about nicotine salt vape juices, it’s that they’re far from being a tease when it comes to giving you a needed fix.

Unlike regular types of e-juices that can take a minute or so to provide a feeling of satisfaction because of the “build-up” approach of standard nicotine, nic salt juice delivers a quality hit in seven seconds, tops. This means that you won’t have to end up getting cranky or impatient while vaping!


While there are many other add-ons and upgrades that you can make to your vaping set-up that will further enhance your experience, no tweak is as impactful as adding nicotine salts to the mix. With a bottle of juice that contains this difference-making ingredient, you’ll be able to see a tremendous improvement in your overall experience with each hit you take!

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