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Why Your Vape Is Leaking & What You Can Do to Prevent It

Why Your Vape Is Leaking & What You Can Do to Prevent It

Why Your Vape Is Leaking & What You Can Do to Prevent It

Vape devices can leak for various reasons. Some people would try to find solutions to fix the leaks, but many lose hope immediately and buy a new device as a replacement instead. What most vapers do not know is that many leak problems can be solved by just cleaning the equipment or replacing a specific part.

As a vaper, you must know how your vape works so that you can fix it or replace its parts when they are not working correctly. If you are not confident enough to fix it yourself, make sure to visit a vape shop in Welling to ask for advice or repairs.

For now, here are the possible reasons your vape is leaking and how you can fix them:

Leaks in the Air Passage

If there are leaks in the air passage of your vape, it may be due to improper use or maintenance. There are four possible reasons the air passage if your vape is leaking:

1. You are refuelling it incorrectly 

You may be filling your vape incorrectly with e-juice that it fills up the tube that runs from the mouthpiece to the central aspect of the tank. If that happens, the air passage would most likely leak because that tube must remain free of liquid at all times.

To avoid that from happening, tilt your device when you are filling it with vape juice, and slowly move it vertically as e-juice gets near the top. Also, make sure not to overfill your device.

2. Your intake setting is set too low

Setting your intake too low can not only cause leaks but also prevent the required airflow. That can lead to further damages, if not handled immediately.

If you experience leaks after a long and powerful drag, you only need to adjust and increase your air intake setting.

3. Your tank is flooded

When your tank is flooded, the e-juice can leak outside the housing of your vape coil as it attempts to vaporise too much liquid.

There are three ways you can fix it. First, try to absorb the excess liquid from the device using a cotton swab. If that doesn’t fix it, you can increase your vapour production by increasing your power setting or by blowing it out manually through the mouthpiece.

4. Your vape device may have a leftover vapour

When there is a remaining vapour in your device, it will condense back into liquid, causing leaks in the air passage. Try to fix it by performing additional drag.

Leaks at the Sides of the Tank

Leaks at the sides of the tank are relatively inexpensive to solve. It can be happening for two possible reasons:

1. Your device has a faulty seal

A faulty seal is a common problem, and most people try to fix it by checking for damages or small gaps in the seal. However, you should also inspect your tank if it is fastened into place. In most cases, leaks happen due to damaged or missing O-rings.

To fix it, replace these parts with new ones, which you can buy at a low price at a vape shop.

2. There are cracks in your device

If your device has cracks, it will leak. That is because the materials used for the device can wear out and damage over time. These cracks can compromise your vape’s water-tight specification.

For this case, your only solution is to replace your device.


If your vape device is leaking, you should try to fix it first before visiting a vape shop to get a brand new device. Your device may leak because of improper use or maintenance. To avoid that from happening, make sure to clean and maintain your device regularly. If the solutions above do not solve your vape leak issue, you should replace your device as your last resort.

If you are looking for a vape shop in Greenwich, London, to look for replacement parts, check our shop today. We have various high-quality vape devices, replacement parts, accessories, and e-liquids for you to choose from.

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