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The Ins & Outs of Vape Batteries: A Complete Guide

The Ins & Outs of Vape Batteries: A Complete Guide

The Ins & Outs of Vape Batteries: A Complete Guide

One of vaping’s greatest advantages over traditional smoking is that it saves you lots in terms of expenses by having your own custom build. However, this gives you the responsibility of being aware and informed of the maintenance practices of keeping a modular device in top condition.

Maintaining your vape batteries

Knowing the ins and outs of each vape component will easily help you in keeping it in working order. Instead of prematurely damaging your device, you’ll be able to enjoy your vaping experience for as long as possible by maintaining it regularly. In this article, we’ll discuss how you should care, treat, and maintain your vape batteries:

1. Knowing your vape’s battery life

A vape battery’s charged life will depend on two main factors: the capacity of the battery and the frequency of its usage. For devices that have OLED screens on their builds, you can see a power reading of your battery’s current capacity, which allows you to estimate when you’ll need to charge the battery again. For others who don’t equip their screens, they can check their battery’s life through the indicators of the amount of vapour used.

2. Taking care of your vape battery

Many factors can affect a vape battery’s lifespan permanently, ranging from its proper handling to charging habits. Battery wraps, for example, give a protective layer to the battery, preventing short circuits and leaks from occurring.

Battery cases are essential in making sure that your vape’s power source isn’t damaged by environmental sources. Your battery can cause short circuits if metal objects happen to scratch it while being stored in your bag or pockets. This can cause it to catch fire and damage not only to itself but also to its surroundings. Investing in a solid battery case prevents you from dealing with the worry of fire from short circuits.

When it comes to charging, you should be mindful of watching when your battery has reached its maximum charging capacity. Even if you’re using the right power output for your charger, an electrical accident can still occur that can damage the unit. Because of this, it is important to avoid charging your battery from your mod directly. Remember that vape batteries––just like any other component of your vape build––can be repaired and replaced. It’s better to separate your battery with a dedicated charger instead of endangering your entire kit.

3. Replacing your vape battery

It’s crucial for a vaper to know when it’s time to replace their batteries. For this reason, you can switch up your built-in battery with a model that fits your vaping habits more closely. Some vape batteries are best used for sub-ohm vape kits for the high volume of vapour that’s used on those particular builds. On the other hand, others still are more comfortable on using low wattage vape builds that don’t require a high voltage or current rating.

Before you purchase a battery, you need to make sure that the vaping device’s specs match the product that you will buy. Otherwise, you may end up buying a component that won’t fit well with your particular vape build.


Avoid purchasing from e-cigarette shops that aren’t licensed or online stores that have no certification on selling vape products. If you purchase from the right channels, you may also secure a warranty for the components that you’ll buy. The best way to get the most out of your investment in buying a vape kit is by using genuine batteries from reputable suppliers that will work best in giving you a quality vaping experience.

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