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3 Common E-Cigarette Problems & How to Fix Them - What to Know

3 Common E-Cigarette Problems & How to Fix Them - What to Know

3 Common E-Cigarette Problems & How to Fix Them - What to Know

For many vapers, nothing is more frustrating than looking forward to a good vaping session with friends, and then something happens unexpectedly. Its is completely normal to be faced with vaping issues once in a while. However, most problems are very simple and can be fixed immediately. Knowing how to troubleshoot vape kits issues will help you get back on track faster and head towards the high-quality vaping experience you deserve.

In this article, we will share with you a few vaping problems and how to solve them. Often times, most of these can be solved with just little tweaks, while others may require more effort.

1. Not enough throat hit

Using the wrong device

Some devices may produce stronger throat hit than others, such as the tank systems or the second generation e-cigarettes that takes e-liquid. Cigalikes or the e-cigarettes that resemble closely to the traditional tobacco cigarettes often produce a weaker throat hit.

If you want a stronger hit, grab a tank system with variable wattage, and increase the wattage to your preference.

Using the wrong e-liquid

All e-liquids maintain a certain balance between vapour production and throat hit. The accurate vapour production/throat hit for e-cigarettes depends on the ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG), which is normally displayed as a single percentage or as 80/20 (80% PG/20% VG).

PG leads to higher throat hit, while VG is an element that gives higher vapour production. If your e-liquid has a higher PG level, you can expect a more intense throat hit.

If you think that your e-liquid is not providing enough throat hit, switch to the ones with a higher PG level. Juices with a higher nicotine content of 6mg and above can also give a better throat hit. Citrusy or menthol-flavoured juices usually have higher PG levels.

2. Leaking tank

Is the tank fitted properly?

Check and make sure that that tank is fitted correctly. The best way to check this is to give your tank a half turn anti-clockwise until you hear a clicking sound, then screw it back clockwise until it is firmly attached. This process ensures that your tank does not misthread.

Using a bad tank

If the problem still persists, you will need to replace your tank because your tank may have cracks. Most tanks use glass or Pyrex, which has its own pros and cons. One drawback is that the glass reservoir is more prone to cracking. Check the tube carefully and look for any hairline fracture. Even the tiniest crack is already an indication that you need to get a new tank.

3. Burnt taste

Using the tank immediately after filling

When you pour in the juice, you have to let it soak well to avoid getting a burnt taste. Most tanks need to be left for about five minutes or more to allow the juice to get absorbed into the wick and atomizer. It is also ideal (and needed with sub-ohm coils) to prime the coil first. Priming the coil is done by dripping a few drops of the juice directly into the coil, and into any other air-holes in the coil.

Coil needs replacing

Atomizers (the part of the vape that heats up the e-liquid) don’t last long. Depending on your device and your usage, you might need to replace the coil to avoid getting any burnt taste.

These are the basic and most common vape problems users face. If you encounter problems with your vape kits or do not get the most experience from using your vape, feel free to contact Vapin Loud. We have knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to help fix your issues.

If you are looking to get accessories for your vaping needs, visit Vapin Loud, a vape shop in Greenwich London to meet your needs.

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